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Hyaluronic acid: what this amazing molecule can do for you (and your skin!)

Small but mighty, hyaluronic acid (HA) is your moisture-retaining sidekick. This tiny, naturally-occurring molecule can retain up to 1000 times its weight in water! It is found in almost every part of the body.

HA is a humectant, a term which notes its ability to grasp and retain water. This allows it to become a jelly-like substance that cushions our joints and provides elasticity to our connective tissues (such as those found in skin, eyes, joints, etc.). Due to hereditary and environmental factors we lose HA as we age, which causes sagging or wrinkled skin, achy joints and dry eyes, lips, nose and mouth. In other words, after a while, our little moisture sidekick starts needing some support … and that’s where Hyalogic comes in.

When taken internally as a supplement or applied topically, HA reinforces your body’s natural moisture-retaining power, which is essential to our overall health. It improves the elasticity that we need in these areas—creating more flexibility, and even “bounce” in the skin’s texture that fills out wrinkles and fine lines.
But that’s not all … HA also acts a protective shield against a range of external factors. Encouraging cell repair and protection, this powerful molecule also creates a barrier for the various aggressors (pollutants, UV rays, etc.).

Feel resilient and moisturized from the inside out with the Hyalogic line. Their products are targeted to the areas you need it most. And get an internal boost with Derma Matrix, our favorite hyaluronic/collagen/vitamin C powder combo that disappears into drinks and smoothies!

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