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About Farmacopia

Farmacopia is:

  • A brick and mortar shop and an online resource for people who are seeking better health and wellbeing.
  • A unique natural apothecary stocked with hundreds of organic herbs and supplements, and an integrative clinic dedicated to helping people feel better in their bodies and in their lives.
  • A group of highly-trained, results-oriented professionals with holistic values and comprehensive approaches to healing, including consultations, acupuncture, craniosacral therapy, and bowenwork.
  • Serious about integrative health, and seriously good at it—we’ve been voted Best Herbal Clinic in the Northbay in 2011-2015, and our practitioners are THE best, with Clinical Herbalist & Nutritionist, Lily Mazzarella being voted Best Holistic Practitioner in 2013, and Dr. Joshua Margolis winning Best Acupuncturist and Holistic Practitioner in 2015 & 16.

What we believe:

  • You are a whole person with a unique history, genetics, outlook, and constitutional response to your stresses, your environment and your diet. We believe you deserve to be treated as such.
  • We believe your body has innate wisdom and the ability to heal itself (We provide the nudge!).
  • Quality matters—especially when we’re talking about the herbs and nutrients going into your body.
  • We believe in pursuing health so that we can enjoy life—we’re not dogmatic, and we’re not fanatics.

Our products:

  • Simply the best. We vet each supplement that goes on our shelves, based on manufacturing standards (such as 3rd party independent testing, ability to meet label claim, and quality of raw material), optimal nutrient form, strength, and cost-effectiveness.
  • Nutrients are in active, absorbable forms so that they’re ready for your body to use.
  • Skin Care is always luscious, all-natural, and effective.
  • Farmacopia’s Tincture Bar: We stock several hundred professional-strength, organic liquid herbal extracts from our award-winning local producer, Galen’s Way. Galen’s Way has an FDA-inspected, GMP-compliant production facility. These tinctures are blended specifically for you by our qualified on-staff practitioners.