Meet Lily, owner of Farmacopia

Lily Mazzarella, MS, CNS, is an herbalist, nutritionist, whole foods chef, teacher and writer.  She is the formulator and creator of Farmacopia’s line of Signature Tinctures, Bitters, Adaptogen Powders and Superfoods, and co-founder and formulator of Reishi Roast Original and Reishi Roast Elixir. 

Hand-blended in small batches, these vibrant plant medicines are the tried-and-true fruit of over 15 years of work with thousands of clients seeking unconventional solutions to common, overwhelming and “non-diagnosable” health problems. 

“I’m fascinated by how plant molecules (and plant spirits) interact with the human body.  Our cells recognize and are inspired by these complex compounds—because we co-evolved with plants!  Getting in touch with herbal medicine has such a healing and grounding effect on people, and making these introductions on a daily basis has been one of the greatest joys of my life. When we incorporate herbs into our lives, we become brighter and happier, more resilient and vital.”

Lily is also the creator of Farmacopia’s Seasonal Cleanse, a program which offers a free recipe + lifestyle guide to address the health challenges and opportunities of each season.  Released around the equinox/solstice, each installment guides us to revel in food and herbs as medicine so that we are attuned to the rhythms of nature—and importantly, our own bodies.    

Born in Rome, Italy, and raised in New Jersey by Italian and Estonian immigrant parents and grandparents, Lily’s journey for healing her own complex health challenges sparked an interest in herbal medicine, nutrition, and other modalities of true healing.  She holds a BA in English literature from Wesleyan University, and a Masters of Science in Herbal Medicine from Maryland University of Integrative Health.  In between the two, she pursued multiple trainings, including 7Song’s Northeast School of Botanical Medicine.

Most recently she can be found in her clinical practice at Farmacopia, teaching on the road or at the California School of Herbal Studies, serving as a Ceres Community Project Expert Advisor on herbal medicine, botanizing in the desert, and engaging in urban wildfire recovery.  During the urban wildfires of October 2017, she utilized the infrastructure of Farmacopia to mobilize dozens of volunteers and allocate thousands of dollars in herbal donations to provide easily accessed holistic care to her community in Santa Rosa.