Farmacopia Values

Our values:

We believe plants as food and medicine make us more resilient, happier and healthier. We believe our physical, mental and spiritual health is woven together with the health of our varied communities, and our planet. We take concrete steps towards this global vision of health by supporting sustainable harvest, local businesses, ecologically sound partners, holistic health fieldwork in our community, immigrants’ rights, indigenous knowledge of plant medicine, scientific inquiry and advancement, LGBTQ+ and women’s rights, environmental and racial justice. We engage ethical business practices in a positive, supportive, chemical-free work environment. We prioritize education, empowerment and expansion for our staff, practitioners and customers.

Who we are:

A kind, compassionate, creative, and witchy crew of staff herbalists and nutritionists. A group of expert practitioners in fields including osteopathy, acupuncture, herbal medicine, flower essences, naturopathy, nutrition, bowenwork, aromatherapy and energy medicine. A community brought together by a deeply held belief in the power of plant medicines and holistic healing modalities.

farmacopia team

What we believe about you:

You are a whole person with a unique history, genetics, outlook, and constitutional response to your stresses, your environment and your diet. We bring our expertise and compassion to holistically empower you as such. The quality of the herbs and nutrients going into your body determines your ability to respond to them. We take all measures to provide only the best: professional strength, organic, absorbable. Your path to healing is non-linear, empowering, inherently beautiful and person-specific.

farmacopia customer