At Farmacopia, we believe in personalized herbal medicine and nutrition AND in accessibility. Meet the skilled practitioners of our Low-Cost Herbal Clinic. Each has a different angle on your health and vitality, so read through to see who might be right for you. All practitioners make their own appointments; no one will be turned away for lack of funds.

Low-Cost Clinic Rates – 1-hour Private Consultations: $30-$50 (sliding scale)


Claire Wirick, Clinical Herbalist

To book a session with Claire, call (707) 338-8970 or email

Claire loves beautiful things, like the changing of seasons, wildflowers, and the ocean. Because of this love, she began a farming internship in 2013 at the Green String Institute. There she learned how to be in communication with the plants, the soil, and the cycles of life. In 2014 She began farming full time at Cannard Farm. Her passion for nature is shown by her drive to be a steward to the earth by re-building our soils and by listening carefully to what the plants are sharing with us.

With a deep feeling of connection to the Earth, Claire wanted to learn about the world of medicinal plants. In 2016, she began the Roots of Herbalism program at The California School of Herbal Studies. From there, she completed the Ayurvedic Clinical Foundations program at the dhyana Center where she learned everything from pulse diagnostics to how to give a Pancha Karma. Claire recently graduated from the incredible WISE I and WISE II programs of One Willow Apothecaries, where she found a whole new depth of purpose and soul family.

Claire is currently an apprentice of the amazing Stargazer Li, where she is learning everything from ancient ways of keeping time, to how to be an everyday wizard. She is also a part of the teaching staff at the California School of Herbal Studies.

In practice, she will work with your specific constitutionality to find the remedy that best fits you as an individual.

Offering Skills and Tools Used:

  • Pulse and Tongue analysis
  • Ayurvedic Lymphatic Support
  • Western & energetic herbalism
  • Stress, Mood, & Adrenal Support
  • Sleep Wellness
  • Reproductive Health
  • Plant Spirit Medicine
  • Flower Essences

Julie Benefico, Clinical Herbalist

To book a session with Julie, call (203) 219-9771 or email

Julie’s passion is to help people thrive mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually. She believes we must address all aspects of self in order to achieve a healthy balance. Julie will hold space and facilitate your journey of healing in a compassionate manner while still inspiring action and change. Healing comes from within and it’s her mission to support you during this process of transformation.

In these sessions she will utilize herbal medicine, flower essence therapy, and tongue & pulse analysis to custom formulate an herbal blend specific to your needs. By looking at your constitution through intake and past medical inquiry Julie will assess where imbalance is occurring and offer lifestyle, diet, & self-care recommendations. In order to get to the root of your physical issues she will help you explore emotional trauma and work toward healing those wounds as well as your symptoms. Julie’s theory around health is that healing comes from within and she aims to be an ally on your journey to wellness.

Services & Tools used in Sessions:

  • Herbal Medicine
  • Tongue & Pulse analysis
  • Custom intention Oils
  • Flower & gem essences
  • Gestalt Therapy
  • Medical Astrology
  • Aromatherapy