At Farmacopia, we believe in personalized herbal medicine and nutrition AND in accessibility. Meet the skilled practitioners of our Low-Cost Herbal Clinic. Each has a different angle on your health and vitality, so read through to see who might be right for you. All practitioners make their own appointments; no one will be turned away for lack of funds.

Low-Cost Clinic Rates – 1-hour Private Consultations: $30-$50 (sliding scale)

    Jessica Clark, Clinical Herbalist

    To book a session with Jessica, call 707.595.7895 or email

    Jessica Clark is a gardener and beekeeper with a passion for connecting people to plants. She has been working with and around plants since childhood, constantly fascinated by their diversity and inspired by their wisdom. Several years living off the grid, farming, and honing her herbal craft in a natural setting allowed her to connect deeply with nature. This connection to the Earth drives her work and her practice of helping educate people on the empowering force of herbal medicine in their daily lives. She studied holistic herbalism for 2 years at the California School of Herbal Studies in Forestville, CA, and previously as an apprentice in Donna D’terra's Yerba Women Herbal Apprenticeship in Willits, CA. Jessica enjoys cooking, making medicine, hiking, and working in the garden in her free time. She is also involved in a free mobile clinic project, Bay Herbalism, which provides access to natural health care to under-served populations.

    As a practitioner, Jessica trusts in the innate process of healing inherent in each person, cultivating this gift with her clients. Through the intake process, she investigates the root causes of the "dis-ease," and works with them to craft a plan for renewal. She believes that each person is not their set of discomforts, but a complex whole being comprised of body, mind, spirit, and soul having a unique experience. She recognizes that each symptom is part of a language which the body uses to try to communicate its needs. Actively tuning in to what the body is trying to say, she creates unique herbal formulas for clients, along with a road map of lifestyle adjustments, self care practices, personal reflections, and appropriate supplementation.

    Drawing upon Traditional Western Herbalism, the wisdom of the plants, constitutional theories from various traditions, the language of energetics, pulse and tongue analysis, modern science and her own intuition, Jessica meets clients where they are, providing attainable steps in their process of healing. She works with each person to create a realistic plan, aiding them in their own self-healing, allowing them to take charge of their personal health journey.

    Services Offered:

    • Active Listening and Dialoguing with Clients
    • Herbal Formulation
    • Lifestyle Suggestions
    • Self-Care Practices
    • Healthy Eating Evaluations and Nutritional Insights
    • Flower Essence support
    • Supplementation Guidance
    • Education on creating one's own herbal preparations
    • On-Going Support

      Isabella De Credico, Clinical Herbalist & Medicine Maker

      To book a session with Isabella, call 510-295-3947 or email

      Isabella grew up in East Oakland where urban life surrounded her, yet she often sought out the natural spaces that had been left untended and were magically wild and raw. Her mother also grew a small, but luscious and memorable garden in their humble backyard; which became a foundation for how she relates to food, nourishment, medicine, and connection.

      Isabella continued her urban journey to Los Angeles after high school, and after three years of living in Southern California heard the call to explore the wide open spaces of nature. Pausing her college education, she spent the next several years living and traveling throughout Colorado, Utah, and Arizona - each environment showing her new ecosystems, plants, cultures, and ways of being. Through learning and living more in tune with nature, Isabella discovered the ways in which the natural world can inspire and evoke creativity, connection, intuition, healing, and quality of life.

      She returned to school where she finished her degree, a BA in Communication and an emphasis in Ecological and Educational Gardening, at the University of California, Davis. While at Davis she interned on the Student Farm where she led children Pre-K through 8th grade through garden explorations and stewardship as a form of experiential learning. She also tended to the medicinal and culinary herbs as well as taught several introductions to medicine making classes to her community on the farm. After Davis, Isabella completed two years of training at California School of Herbal Studies where she also apprenticed in the garden during that time. Currently, she is working at CSHS as the Director's Assistant and as the school's Medicine Maker. She also works as an Herbalist at Farmacopia and their Merchandiser. In her free time, she continues to study both the magical and scientific world of herbs.

      Isabella will work with you wherever you currently are physically, emotionally, spiritually, and financially in your healing process as well as gently and compassionately encouraging growth and self-empowerment.

      Services Offered:

      • Constitutional observations & assessments
      • Custom herbal formulas
      • Flower Essences
      • Dietary and Nutritional support
      • Supplementation guidance
      • Lifestyle recommendations
      • Self-Care practices

      Ashley Hall, Clinical Herbalist

      To book a session with Ashley, call 314-283-6801 or email

      In our fast-paced modern society, it is all too easy to get in a funk, feel under-the-weather, or fall out of balance with our health. In fact, it is quite normal. Ashley is a deeply nurturing and compassionate health enthusiast devoted to helping her clients reach their wellness goals. She is a true emotional intuit and creates a safe and inviting space for sharing the challenges of life and the challenges of our health. By taking into consideration client-health concerns and whole-body needs, Ashley will offer practical and attainable health recommendations that meet her clients where they are at in their health journey. Her practice offers a personalized wellness plan with custom herbal formulations, dietary suggestions, and self-care/life-routine practices that supports the body’s innate capacity to heal.

      Ashley's love for the natural world started at an early age, leading her to attain a B.S. in Environmental Soil Science from the University of Missouri. Upon moving to Sonoma County, she pursued a two-year intensive in herbalism at the California School of Herbal Studies. In the latter year, she dove deeply into the world of clinical herbal medicine therapeutics. From here, she studied clinical ayurvedic medicine at the dhyana Center where she completed the Ayurvedic Clinical Foundations Program. Currently, Ashley is in the process of becoming a Registered Nurse. Her hope is to become a Holistic Nurse Practitioner with the aspiration of providing accessible, integrative, and holistic health care in our more conventional medical system.

      There is nothing that brings Ashley more joy than helping people on their path to wellness! She would be honored to work with you on your health concerns.

      Services & Tools Offered:
      • Custom Herbal Formulations
      • Constitutional Analysis based on Western Herbal Medicine and Ayurvedic Perspectives
      • Dietary Suggestions, Nourishing Meal Plans, and Elimination Diet Support
      • Stress Management, Emotional Wellness, and Nervous System Support
      • Energy, Mood, and Adrenal Health Support
      • Reproductive Health Support
      • Supplementation Support

      Sarah Pyland, Certified Health Coach

      To book a session with Sarah, call 253-590-8745 or email

      sarah pylandSarah grew up in Washington state - surrounded by nature, animals, and home cooked meals. From a young age she has had a passion for holistic health, emotional connections, and helping people feel truly beautiful and confident in their own skin. This passion is what motivated her to become a Certified Health Coach.

      Figuring out how to live a healthy life can feel very overwhelming. There’s an abundance of information, diets, products, and pills claiming to help you lose weight, & get healthy, and yet many of these “resources” contradict each other, don’t work or at times may even be harmful. Instead of drastic changes or harsh lifestyle shifts, Sarah will work with you to implement gradual and gentle habit changes that will be even more beneficial, and effective.

      She believes that health involves more than just what you eat. She realizes that true health involves the physical, social, emotional, & spiritual aspects of your life as well. Everyone is unique; We all have different personalities, circumstance, backgrounds, & beliefs, so what might work for one person, might not work for you. Through active listening Sarah will help you tap into your body’s innate wisdom, listen to what your body needs, and then create a realistic plan of action.

      Sarah’s goal as a coach is to create a safe environment for her clients, so they can let go of what’s not working for them, and leave feeling relaxed, motivated, and eager to continue their journey towards a healthier life.

      Services & Tools Used In Sessions:

      • Effective Goal Setting
      • Weight Loss Support
      • Transition from a Highly Processed diet, to a Whole Foods Diet
      • Dietary Suggestions
      • Self-Care Practices
      • Sleep Support
      • Practical Ways to Reduce Stress
      • Practicing Healthy ways to Express your Needs & Emotions
      • Support for Seasonal Cleanses 

      Claire Wirick, Clinical Herbalist

      To book a session with Claire, call 707-338-8970 or email

      Claire loves beautiful things, like the changing of seasons, wildflowers, and the ocean. Because of this love, she began a farming internship in 2013 at the Green String Institute. There she learned how to be in communication with the plants, the soil, and the cycles of life. In 2014 She began farming full time at Cannard Farm. Her passion for nature is shown by her drive to be a steward to the earth by re-building our soils and by listening carefully to what the plants are sharing with us.

      With a deep feeling of connection to the Earth, Claire wanted to learn about the world of medicinal plants. In 2016, she began the Roots of Herbalism program at The California School of Herbal Studies. From there, she completed the Ayurvedic Clinical Foundations program at the dhyana Center where she learned everything from pulse diagnostics to how to give a Pancha Karma. Claire recently graduated from the incredible WISE I and WISE II programs of One Willow Apothecaries, where she found a whole new depth of purpose and soul family.

      Claire is currently an apprentice of the amazing Stargazer Li, where she is learning everything from ancient ways of keeping time, to how to be an everyday wizard. She is also a part of the teaching staff at the California School of Herbal Studies.

      In practice, she will work with your specific constitutionality to find the remedy that best fits you as an individual.

      Offering Skills and Tools Used:

      • Pulse and Tongue analysis
      • Ayurvedic Lymphatic Support
      • Western & energetic herbalism
      • Stress, Mood, & Adrenal Support
      • Sleep Wellness
      • Reproductive Health
      • Plant Spirit Medicine
      • Flower Essences