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Low-Cost Clinic

At Farmacopia, we believe in personalized herbal medicine and nutrition AND in accessibility. Meet the skilled practitioners of our Low-Cost Herbal Clinic. Each has a different angle on your health and vitality, so read through to see who might be right for you. All practitioners make their own appointments; no one will be turned away for lack of funds.

Low-Cost Clinic Rates: $50-$75 (lower fees may be available - speak to your practitioner)

    Hao Le, Clinical Herbalist, Educator and a Medicine-Maker

    To book a session with Hao

    As a clinical herbalist, an educator and a medicine-maker, Hao is eternally curious about botanical medicine, health and wellness. She loves science, data and research, and appreciates modern diagnostic tools in investigating and supporting clients’ health challenges and recovery. Simultaneously Hao respects and values traditional knowledge and practices of healing and of botanical medicine. She sees the need and value of bridging the gap between conventional medicine and holistic approaches. She strives to provide holistic care in employing various perspectives such as herbs, nutrition, lifestyle, exercise, stress management, preventive care and supplements.

    Hao believes in harm reduction and meeting clients where they are in their health journey while empowering clients to gain knowledge and insights into their conditions. As their partner in working towards achieving well-defined health goals, she strives to provide education on “how” and “why” in addition to “what” they might be experiencing and to communicate effectively and transparently with her clients. Her practice is informed by science, research and data as well as her experiential and academic knowledge of herbs, foods, and supplements. She sees each client as a whole ecosystem where all aspects of health are interconnected and investigates the root causes driving the imbalance and disharmony in their clinical presentations.

    Areas of Support Offered:

    • Sleep, Mood, Anxiety, Stress (Nervous System Support)
    • Energy, Stress and Adrenal Health
    • Thyroid Health
    • Gastrointestinal/Digestive Health/Liver Support
    • Allergy and Immune Health
    • Pain and Inflammation
    • Menstrual Health and the Generative System
    • Nutritional Deficiencies
    • Health Span and Longevity

    Tools Employed:

    • Custom herbal formulations designed uniquely for you (tinctures, glycerites, teas, oils, ointments, creams and more)
    • Nutrition counseling and Supplementation guidance
    • Food Sensitivity Investigation/Elimination Diet guidance
    • Constitutional Assessments (your unique energetics)
    • Lifestyle recommendations and Self-care practices
    • Health education and instructions for herbal preparations if desired and appropriate
    • Follow-ups and Adjustments to Herbs/Nutrients/Lifestyle recommendations based on changes in health needs, life circumstances and the environment

      Jessica Clark, Clinical Herbalist

      To book a session with Jessica:  use her online scheduler or
      email her:

      Jessica Elise Clark is a clinical herbalist, educator, and mother of two, with a passion for connecting women to their healthiest version of themselves. A graduate of the California School of Herbal Studies, she has been in clinical practice since 2019.

      After having her first child in 2020, and seeing a real need in her community, she decided to focus her clinical practice on Reproductive Health and Hormonal Balance, especially during the Childbearing Continuum – the time of Fertility/Pre-Pregnancy, Pregnancy, and the often-neglected Postpartum time (1-2 years post-birth), as well as the early years of Motherhood and young Childhood.

      Practice Focus: Reproductive Health and Hormonal Balance

      • The Menstrual Years:
        • Menstrual irregularities, peri-menopausal transition, menopause/post-menopause
        • Vaginal, uterine, urinary, and ovarian health
      • Fertility, Pregnancy and Postpartum Support
        • Navigating the use of herbs, nutrition, and lifestyle to optimize fertility and prepare the body for Pregnancy
        • Safe use of herbs and supplements in Pregnancy (when appropriate)
        • Optimizing diet and lifestyle choices for a healthy Pregnancy
        • Postpartum preparation
        • Restoration of the body and balance during Postpartum
      • Early Childhood: Common childhood complaints including immune system support, digestion, sleep disturbances
      • Energy Balance: Adrenal restoration – stress + fatigue modulation
      • Mood Support: Nervous system equilibrium – emotional balance
      • Sleep Wellness: improving sleep at all stages of life

      Working with Jessica, you will gain a personalized health plan, recommendations of herbs, supplements, foods, and lifestyle adjustments, as well as a supportive health partner, to optimize your reproductive health, and come into balance.

      Read more about Jessica in her staff bio.

      Jessica speaks both English and Spanish.


      Julia Busenitz, Clinical Herbalist

      To book a session with Julia use her online booking link.

      Julia Busenitz is a clinical herbalist based in Sonoma County. Julia has a background in art and design, studying textiles at CCA in Oakland, with a focus on surface design. She went back to school to study herbalism at the California School of Herbal Studies when mysterious health issues arose in her family, and she sought out ways to help them to heal naturally.

      Her background in textiles and design reinforces her approach in her clinical practice, with an ability to recognize patterns and see an overarching picture of health or imbalance. She works with complex cases to find the connections and help regain balance for her clients through herbs, supplements, and lifestyle shifts.

          Hilary Go, Clinical Herbalist, NC

          To book a session with Hilary use her online scheduler.

          Hilary (she/her) is a Clinical Herbalist and Nutrition Consultant who is passionate about alchemy and food as medicine. Hilary loves to inspire creative and effective ways to integrate healing herbs and foods into one’s daily life. As a practitioner, Hilary addresses root causes of imbalances and draws on plant pharmacology, functional medicine, nutritional science and Chinese medicine to support her clients. She works two fold: providing acute relief for her client’s concerns while strengthening foundational pillars of health to promote long-term vitality.

          Her specialties lie in digestion (IBS, leaky gut, chronic mystery gut issues, food allergies and intolerances), the nervous system (insomnia, anxiety, depression, stress support), and hormonal + adrenal balance (menstrual cycle concerns, fertility, libido, menopause, chronic fatigue, burnout, hypo/hyper thyroid). Often these areas intersect for many of her clients and she is eager to support these connections.

          Hilary believes in healthcare that is inclusive, empowering and joy-inspiring. Grounded in compassion and accessibility, she honors where you are in your health journey.

          Working with Hilary, you’ll receive an in-depth holistic health review and an approachable plan of action that include customized herbal formulas, supplements, healing foods and lifestyle recommendations tailored to your unique constitution. Functional lab work and gut stool analysis are also available additions.

          Hilary has completed extensive training and clinical mentorship in herbalism, holistic nutrition, Chinese medicine and herbal product formulation. She graduated from New York University, the California School of Herbal Studies and Bauman College of Holistic Nutrition & Culinary Arts. In addition to seeing clients 1-on-1 through Farmacopia, she is co-creator of herbal brand, Earth Allies, a workshop facilitator + educator, as well as a formulator + medicine maker for herbal businesses in Sonoma County.


          • Approachable suggestions to incorporate plants and self-care practices tailored to your lifestyle
          • Constitutional assessment grounded in functional medicine and Chinese medicine
          • Custom herbal formulations for internal use (tinctures, glycerites, teas, capsules) and/or external use (topical plant oils, ointments, creams, hydrosols)
          • Dietary and supplementation guidance, recipe inspiration, meal plans, gut resets, stool lab analysis, and elimination diet support

          Services Offered:

          • Sleep, stress, anxiety, and depression support
          • Digestive support
          • Menstrual cycle and reproductive health support
          • Nutritional deficiency support
          • Preventative health support
          • Musculoskeletal and nerve pain support
          • Skin and wound healing support
          • Seasonal and environmental allergy support
          • Energy and adrenal support
          • Immune support 

            Isabella De Credico, Clinical Herbalist & Medicine Maker

            To book a session with Isabella, email

            Herbal consultations with Isabella offer individualized care based on your goals within wellness. Whether you are seeking preventative care or are already experiencing symptoms, consultations offer you one-on-one customized support.

            Isabella will work with you wherever you currently are physically, emotionally, spiritually, and financially in your healing process as well as compassionately encouraging growth and self-empowerment.

            Her work is infused with her experiences throughout life and her lineage as well as the tools she has learned from both formal and informal education. She holds a BA in Communication and an emphasis in Ecological and Educational Gardening from the University of California, Davis. She has completed two years of training at the California School of Herbal Studies where she also apprenticed in the garden during her time as a student. Isabella has also taken workshops in Meditation, Anti-Racism and Herbalism, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Elemental Intuition, Foundations of Rituals, and Alchemy. She is forever a student of the magical, ancestral, and scientific world of herbs.

            For more information or to book an appointment:


            Services Offered:

            • Stress Management & Emotional Wellness
            • Nervous System Support
            • Energy, Mood, & Adrenal Support
            • Sleep Wellness
            • Reproductive Health
            • Skin Health (Acne, Rosacea, Psoriasis, Dermatitis)
            • Allergy Support
            • Digestive Support
            • Pain Management Support

            Tools Used:

            • Constitutional observations & assessments
            • Custom herbal formulas
            • Dietary and Nutritional support
            • Elimination Diet Support
            • Supplementation guidance
            • Lifestyle Recommendations & Rituals
            • Self-Care practices
            • Flower Essences