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Happy Liver Detox

liver detox

Get ready to feel brighter and lighter with The Happy Liver Detox Guide! You’ll learn all about your liver and gallbladder, and the important functions these amazing organs perform, as well as how to support them with food, herbs and practices. Benefits include: improved digestion and elimination, healthy inflammatory tone, greater clarity and improved mood and stamina.

The Spring Guide is your essential toolkit for comprehensive, sensible detox and liver support. Whether soothing, nourishing, or cleansing, each item in this collection performs a unique function in creating a clearer, more energized you! Written by Farmacopia’s owner, Lily Mazzarella, MS, CNS, the Seasonal Guides contain the accumulated insight of 15 years of clinical practice and the experience of guiding hundreds of people through this process.

Sample day

Upon Rising - Vital 10, GI Fortify, S.A.T.
Breakfast - Strawberry-Goji Happiness Protein Smoothie
Snack - Detox Broth + Sweet Potato Rounds + Stress Adapt Nut Butter
Lunch - Green Soup with Protein, GB Bitters
Snack - Detox Broth + Coconut Cream Berries
Dinner - Divinely Baked Salmon and Dandelion Greens with Preserved Lemons, GB Bitters
- B Cooler in fizzy water
Before Bed - GI Fortify


During the Spring season, use coupon code SPRING2020, for 10% OFF the products in the collection and the Happy Liver Detox Guide.

The Happy Liver Detox Collection includes:

  • Happy Liver Detox Guide - also available as a free download here
  • GB Bitters - Farmacopia
  • B Cooler - Farmacopia
  • Milk Thistle + Nettle Gomasio - Farmacopia
  • Vital-10 Probiotic - Klaire Labs
  • S.A.T. - Thorne
  • GI Fortify - Pure Encapsulations

Additionally, ALL of Farmacopia’s delicious Bitters are on sale during the spring season with the same SPRING2020 code.

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