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Conscious Candles at Farmacopia!!

We have been slow to jump on the scented candle bandwagon, as almost all candles advertising themselves as “natural,” “green” or “eco” are actually using synthetic fragrance oils—just ones that are free of lead and phthalates. That’s a nice step in the right direction, but certainly does not meet Farmacopia’s standards/ What you burn in your home ends up in the air you, your family and your pets breathe—and therefore, in our bodies. Synthetic fragrance oils aren’t great for our nervous, endocrine and respiratory systems and can contribute to environmental harm. Not to mention, lots of folks are sensitive to them.

But, we love the warm glow of candles, the sense of ritual and hominess they provide…and we love plant-derived scent. So we persisted.

After much research, we brought on 2 new companies, along with our beloved beeswax candles by Sunbeam, because as companies they reflect our mission and values, AND are scented with ONLY with plant-based essential oils. We tried them out and were impressed with the clean burn, long burn times, and most importantly, the luscious and tantalizing scents (without the synthetic fragrance headaches!). Great for gifts, and a wonderful way to treat yourself!