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Fall Immunity Builder Guide


Farmacopia's Fall Immunity Builder is a PRACTICAL guide to:
  • Staving off invading germs at your "Points of Entry." We show you how to care for your most vulnerable areas — Throat, Ears, Sinuses, Lungs, Hands, and Back of the Neck — that pathogens exploit to get a foothold in your system. With this brief daily practice, you can keep immune threats at bay!
  • Faster recovery with immune-enhancing herbs and essential oils when a bug does get you down (Relapse?! No thanks!).
  • Nourish your body and build defenses with foods, plants, and broth rich in immune-modulating vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients.
  • Breaking up with sugar when you need it least and want it most.
  • Leaving off pro-inflammatory and immune-dampening processed foods.

Let's make it a happy fall. View the Fall Guide Collection.
Interested in learning more about General Immune Support? Taking care of our overall health is an actionable thing we can do during the coronavirus pandemic. Learn general immune support tips from Farmacopia's own, Dr. Bridget Somine. 

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