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Fall Immunity Builder Guide

Fall Immunity Builder Guide

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I wrote the Fall Guide in simpler times, back when a sore throat and stuffy nose were usually just signs of the common cold, and a fever perhaps an indication of the ‘flu.  Relatively benign, and importantly, self-limiting conditions.  Back when I used to wear a mask on cross country flights and got funny looks for being one of “those crazy people.”

Things are different in the age of Covid, as we reckon with new, more contagious variants of Covid-19, alongside an uneven field of vaccination in the US and worldwide.  Covid has been wreaking havoc in our country, presenting with a myriad of symptoms that mimic cold, flu and gut bug symptoms. A virus that is nearly asymptomatic in some yet manifests in others as a complex, dangerous, inflammatory disease involving multiple organ systems, including the heart, blood vessels and brain.

At Farmacopia we have been helping family members, customers, clients and patients through Covid infections, and in some unfortunate cases, Long Covid, for what seems like a long time now.   We take Covid very seriously and stand by all the recommended precautions including wearing a mask, vaccination when possible, physical distancing, hand washing and surface sanitizing.  And we believe in being advocates and participants in our own physical and mental health.  We face seasonal challenges in addition to Covid--fluctuating temperatures, wind, smoke (in the west), dryness/dampness, stress, and fall allergies such as ragweed and mold.  Keeping our “points of entry” protected and our mucous membranes in tip-top shape may in fact help us to avoid contracting viral and bacterial infections, and reduce the impact of seasonal environmental irritants.

All of the information in the guide is meant to empower wellness, not replace Covid precautions.  For example, the information in the guide has helped countless people with chronic ear, sinus, and throat issues that they previously might have been saddled with all fall and winter.  And, as I state in the guide, our immune systems are entirely nutrient-dependent! While there is interesting preliminary research indicating that nutrient status (including vitamins D and K, vitamin C, and the mineral zinc) may influence the outcome of Covid infection, it is too early to say anything definitively.  I do believe in the power of nutrients, herbs, and foods to keep us strong and healthy--I have experienced this truth firsthand.   

I hope you enjoy the practices, information, and recipes in this little book, and sincerely wish you and your families wellness.

With warmth and love,


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Customer Reviews

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Love these guides!

These handy little guides are packed with super helpful and practical information. I love them all! It can be difficult to find seasonally relevant health information and as someone who tries to live in connection with natural seasonal rhythms, these guides are super helpful. Bravo! And Merci!

Heidi Brockmann
Fall Immunity Builder Guide

I love the booklet! It’s easier to use than the online guide (I didn’t like having to look up the guide each time online, or take pics of recipes and look at my phone repeatedly). I also noticed I’ve made more recipes from it this year, since it’s easier to access - I just leave it propped up on my kitchen counter. I look forward to booklets coming out for the other seasons as well!