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Fall Immunity Builder

For all too many of us, fall is the beginning of “sick season,” a revolving door of sore throats, colds, coughs, and fatigue. For parents (and grandparents, and teachers, and health care providers, and so on), the return of children to school means a co-mingling of sticky little hands that form a reservoir of contagion, repeatedly dipped into until the advent of spring, or even summer. It’s our mission at Farmacopia to help you build seasonal resiliency and core strength. It took me years to realize we’re only as healthy as our habits. The Fall Immunity Builder gathers pearls of wisdom gleaned from my own immunity struggles, along with years of counseling clients, to recalibrate your habits into supportive ones.

Trust me: you don’t have to get sick in September and stay sick until April!

Download our free Fall Immunity Builder Guide for recipes, rituals and information to stay healthy this season.

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