Collection: Fall Immunity Builder

We love fall! The changing light and leaves, the slant of light, the amazing bounty from our gardens (or our friend's garden.. zucchini!). It's a time that signals our bodies to nest, but in reality, we tend to get pretty busy this time of year. 

That said, things are a little different this year with a new coronavirus wreaking havoc in our country, presenting with a myriad of symptoms that mimic cold, flu and gut bug symptoms. A virus that is nearly asymptomatic in some people, yet manifests in others as a complex, dangerous, inflammatory disease involving multiple organ systems, including the heart, blood vessels and brain.

As I state in the guide, our immune systems are entirely nutrient-dependent! While there is interesting preliminary research indicating that nutrient status (including vitamins D and K, and the mineral zinc) may influence the outcome of Covid infection, it is too early to say anything definitively. I do believe in the power of nutrients, herbs and foods to keep us strong and healthy--I have experienced this truth firsthand.

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