Seasonal Guide


The Farmacopia Seasonal Guides are comprehensive guides with herbs, recipes, and practices designed specifically to support you in each season.

Following the rhythms inherent in nature, The Seasonal Guides [one for each season] take you through the year, giving you the opportunity to get back on track and let go of what’s not working, while fueling your system with essential foods, herbs & nutrients to help you thrive in the next season.

Throughout the year you’ll have the opportunity to participate in any or all of the four Seasonal Guides. Each Guide [or season] focuses on a different body system, clearing toxins and cellular burden, fortifying you for the unique health challenges commonly faced in that season.



Here’s what’s in store this year:

  • Spring [Happy Liver Detox] Designed to clarify, cool and detoxify. In this cleanse we support your innate detoxifiers, think: liver, gallbladder and gut, with the cleansing power of spring herbs so you’re fresh and vibrant for the coming rays. This is particularly recommended for those seeking to lower their allergen burden for greater defense during allergy season.
  • Summer [Inflammation Cooler] Relieve, soothe and hydrate with the Summer Cleanse. This season we focus on lymph and inflammation-combatting support. Soothe irritated tissues while gently clearing out the inflammatory detritus that registers as bloat, fatigue, brain fog, aches and pain.
  • Autumn [Immune Builder] Nourish, protect, build. The Autumn Immune Builder is practical guide to staying well and healthy during germ season. We show you how to stave off pathogens at your most vulnerable points of entry and incorporate immune boosting herbs, vitamins and rituals into your daily life. And don’t worry, if you do get sick, we also have some herbal remedy tips to get you on the path to recovery faster, and more naturally.
  • Winter [Gut & Stress Soother] Digest, de-stress and soothe this Winter. In this New Year’s edition we dig in and undo the burdens accumulated throughout the holiday season — when stress is high and decadent food abundant. Here we round up the season’s best warming herbs to stoke digestive fire, soothing botanicals and probiotics to heal and nourish damaged guts while learning to cope with stress the holistic way.

Download digital versions of all the guides here

About the creator

Lily Mazzarella is a Certified Nutrition Specialist and Clinical Herbalist. As the owner and head practitioner of Farmacopia she has worked extensively with clients nationwide, improving health through the precise use of herbs, nutrients & dietary shifts. The Seasonal Cleanse is the 10 year amalgamation of those best practices.

"A cleanse should be empowering and pleasurable, a time to tune in to your body and the season. I’m excited to share my love and knowledge of plant medicine, food, ritual, and nutrition with you." – Lily