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California fires are here again. Our hearts go out to everyone going through trauma, loss of power, evacuations, and/or home loss. Farmacopia's Dr. Bridget Somine, ND has written two articles that address dealing with the acute effects on the respiratory tract and mitigating any long term potential effects. 

Additional articles:

We are using Purple Air and the Breezometer app to monitor air quality. Here are details on Breezometer readings.

We are also taking Nourishing Lung, which was formulated during the 2017 Santa Rosa fires. It features adaptogens and immune modulators like Reishi mushroom and sustainably-grown American Ginseng (a lesser-known moistening lung tonic, and "non-stimulating" ginseng). These strengthening, calming herbs help support immune function, the adrenal glands, and the nervous system. Baical Skullcap helps reduce reactivity and inflammation, while Mullein leaf gently and specifically supports lung tissue. Find this formula and more respiratory support supplements in our Respiratory Shop.

Anything we can do to reduce inflammation in our bodies will help us weather this storm. Here's a quick 7-minute grounding meditation. Meditation helps reduce stress and cortisol levels. We have a lot of factors playing into raising stress right now... thank you very much 2020.

Last year, our friends at Herb Folk Medicine published a lung support tea that you can make at home 🌿 We also carry this blend! Breath Work Tea from Herb Folk

The Community Medicine Cabinet in Santa Rosa has created a Fire Preparedness Checklist for download. So helpful!

Socoemergency.org has info and resources for Sonoma County, including the County of Sonoma Warm Line, 707-565-2652 for free and private support if you or someone you know is experiencing emotional stress and anxiety. Seven days a week 10:00 a.m to 7:00 p.m.

KSRO live stream - radio coverage for the Sonoma County fires

Be safe everyone. We love you.
- Farmacopia⠀
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