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Vitamin C Liposomal

Vitamin C Liposomal

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    Vitamin C is one of the most relevant vitamin known to the world. Although most vitamin C is completely absorbed in the small intestine, the percentage of absorbed vitamin C decreases as the dietary intake concentrations increase. As a result, in small quantities Vitamin C is absorbed, but when trying to take larger doses, only small amount it is absorbed by the body and the rest is excreted in the urine (1). Consequently, most of the ingested Vitamin C is eliminated by the human body.

    This Vitamin C product is formulated as liposomes. That means that Vitamin C is encapsulated in very small, spherical structures like bubbles, composed of a double lipid layer. This lipid layer that encapsulates our Vitamin C, is similar to the cell walls in our body. As a result, Vitamin C liposomal is well received by the body and absorbed in much higher quantities, to reach the blood stream.

    While liposomal formulations are a great way to deliver increased amount of supplements and drugs to the blood stream, when turning these into products, it leads to various disadvantages for the users. Liposomal products are liquid, heavy and difficult to carry. They often have a challenging taste. Making their taste better may come with various undesired additives. And typically they have short shelf life, even shorter after the bottle is open. Furthermore, liquid liposomal products need to stay stored at low temperature.

    In contrast to all these, our Liposomal Vitamin C is formulated in capsules as dry powder, so that there is no taste, they are easy to carry, and they can be stored at room temperature with a long shelf life. The quality is therefore even better since the product is more stable.


    We love this product and formulation because:

    • LIPOSOMAL WITH  NO TASTE: a rare type of product, this liposomal Vitamin C is made in dry powder form so that we can insert it in a capsule. In this way we avoid the often challenging taste of common liquid liposomal products.
    • HIGH ABSORPTION: Liposomal supplements can be absorbed much better than regular supplements.
    • HIGH QUALITY: Natural production method, no use of heat, chemicals or pressure, leaving the active substance intact (LipoCellTech™)
    • HIGH PURITY: Contains only pure ingredients, no fillers, preservatives or other non-active substances
    • EASY TO CARRY & LONG LASTING: in contrast to common liquid liposomal products, liposomal capsules are easy to carry. Once the bottle of common liquid liposomal products is open, the product has a short shelf life. That is not the case when using capsules.


      Vitamin C [Ascorbic acid] 300 mg + LIPOSOMAL BLEND (LipoCellTech™): palmitic-oleic acid phospholipids from non-gmo sunflower, hydroxypropylmethylcellulose (vegetarian capsules).

      Does not contain:
      GMO, Gluten, Soy. Product is allergen free and suitable for vegetarians.


      As a dietary supplement, take 2 capsules per day with a meal or as directed by a qualified healthcare professional.


      60 caps

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