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Super Power Adaptogen Powder


We've updated the name from Stress Adapt to Super Power! Same amazing formula.

Adaptogens are herbs that increase our ability to adapt to our ever-changing environments, making us more physiologically and psychologically resilient. Many of these herbs have been found to have a normalizing action on our bodies' functioning: adjusting for, or preventing disturbances brought about by stressors.

Adaptogens feed our buffer zones over time, and ideally should be taken for a minimum of 6 weeks. Benefits? Improved sense of well-being, better quality sleep, faster recovery time from illness and exercise, and enhanced libido, to name a few. Super Power contains tonic, adaptogenic herbs prized for their ability to build our own vital force, as well as superfoods like Mesquite and Cinnamon.

Eleuthero*, Maca*, Ashwagandha*, Suma**, Mesquite*, Licorice*, Nutmeg*, Cinnamon*, Cardamom*. *ORGANIC **Ethically wildcrafted

½ -3 teaspoons mixed into your morning smoothie, warm beverage of choice, or nut butter.

Use in the following recipes:

Super Power Adaptogen Powder Protein Cookie Dough Bites

Super Power Adaptogen Powder Paleo Granola

Warm Cinnamon Roll Super Power Adaptogen Powder Smoothie

3 oz




Vendor: Farmacopia

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Asolutely delicious

I swore by the Radical Immune Powder until I tried this one. It is an amazing addition to almost every hot beverage and is a great addition to smoothies, or turning my hot chai/coffee into an iced treat. Fantastic blend.

nutritious AND delicious

I love it when being healthy and tasting yummy collide. Thank you for this amazing supplement!

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