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Summer Inflammation Soother Guide


The Inflammation Soother has SO MUCH information on inflammation + you. You'll find out how inflammation affects your brain, gut, waistline, mood, bones, sleep, skin, energy, liver, collagen, hormones, & joints. And how an anti-inflammatory diet can help you. The recipes in this guide will delight you.

The Inflammation Soother collection has everything you need to help relieve, help soothe, and help cool unhealthy inflammation this summer. These essentials work as a comprehensive team to help soothe irritated tissues while gently helping to clear out the inflammatory detritus that registers as bloat, fatigue, brain fog, aches, and pain.

Vendor: Farmacopia

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Customer Reviews

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I have one of those bodies that quickly regulates to whatever dietary or exercise habit I incorporate. I'm 47 and over the past 3 years, I've started to feel a little pudgy. I added running to my routine. Worked for a minute but then my body got used to it. I did the Keto class taught at Farmacopia and stayed on it for 6 months. Once again, my body reacted a t first and then plateaued. I tried intermittent fasting. Same thing. While all of these things felt great and definitely helped me stay disciplined, none of them helped with the puffy, bloated, middle expanding trend. Until this! I honestly think that the digestive break built into the schedule (smoothie for breakfast and soup for lunch) is what my body reacted to, and continues to react to. That, combined with the anti-inflammatory diet are super duper working for me. Thank you!!

I can see my eyelids again!

I've done the anti-inflammatory diet in this guide before. 2 summers ago. I loved it and stayed on it for quite a while. After this craziness of the past three months, I decided that I should try it again, but this time to do it exactly as the schedule dictates. O.M.G. All of my puffiness went away and I fit in my clothes again (some are even loose!). And now I love smoothies. 

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