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Taproot Medicine

Mighty Lungs Syrup- formerly Strong Lung Syrup

Mighty Lungs Syrup- formerly Strong Lung Syrup

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This amazing syrup from Taproot Medicine came out of a strong desire to support the health of those of us living in the fire zones of California, as we see more and more hot dry weather and watch our hillsides burn and the smoke pour in. This syrup is formulated to heal damaged tissue, ease breathing, protect the nervous system and process toxins through the liver. It tastes like the garden on a warm summer day in the late afternoon - complex and layered, and yet simple and whole. 

Here's what's in it, with a little explanation of how each herb helps:

Mullein - heal damaged tissue, process grief thyme - clear cough, aromatic.

Rosemary - antioxidant, warming, digestive, energetically empowering.

Elacampane/inula - ease breathing and expectorate nettle - nourish and remove toxins.

Reishi - remove toxins, support immune, calm heart stress

Rosehips - vitamin C, astringing, harmonizing

Licorice - harmonize, clear and moisten

Rhodiola - bronchio-dialator, adaptogen anise seed - open and expectorate

Marshmallow - moisten and heal tissue

Milk thistle seed - liver protective, clears brain fog orange peel - bitter, process toxins, liver support.


mullein, thyme, rosemary, elacampane, nettle, reishi, rosehips, rhodiola, anise seed, marshmallow, milk thistle seed, orange peel, honey, filtered water, a touch o'brandy, and a wellness wish.

All herbs are organic or mindfully hand harvested.


1-2 tbsp daily

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


8 oz and 16 oz glass bottle

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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Dani Kammerzelt Andrews
My new go-to for anything respiratory

This is amazing. I had a miracle allergy, sinus, respiratory, cold, flu tonic for years and some the the ingredients cannot be sourced. After much searching, I found this and it's my new go to for quick relief and recovery.

Danielle Andrews
Works like a champ

After over a month of being sick with respiratory madness, and possibly allergies, I purchased this. I am so thrilled to have found the thing that worked. The respiratory junk is gone. Now, I'm just working up to energy but so far so good!


I was sick - (allergy infection that evolved into a sinus infection) most of December and my chiropractor recommended this along with strong woman syrup. Definitely felt supportive since it took so long for me to clear the infection. It was an all hands on deck kinda situation with the constant headache and cough. I love herbal remedies and they both tasted good too! I think I’ll have them around every winter.