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Power Repair Vitamin C Solution

Peak Scents

If you haven’t heard yet, Vitamin C is one of our favorite beauty vitamins. There’s nothing it can’t do! Pimples and dull skin? You can brighten and zap those buggers with Vitamin C. Tired looking skin? Bring back your glow with Vitamin C. Saggy skin, anyone? Vitamin C is the solution for that too! However, don’t confuse this solution with a toner. This formula has a very highly concentrated form of Vitamin C which contains a whopping 15% of the non-irritating and effective -Vitamin C ester. If you’ve noticed your skin looking a little dull, cheer it up with this magic elixir that helps lock in moisture when followed up with their Power Repair Serum or Face Cream.

        water (purified), organic aloe vera gel, seaweed, 15% Vitamin C ester, organic plant extracts of green tea and horsetail, MSM, vitamin E (tocopherol), alpha lipoic acid, pure essential oils of frankincense, lemon, lavadin grosso, ylang ylang, glucose, and enzymes.

        Shake bottle well before using it. On a clean face, massage 5-10 drops over face and neck until fully absorbed. Apply up to 4x a day. Follow with our Power Repair Skin Serum or Face Cream. *Store in a cool place after opening*

        1 oz

        Vendor: Peak Scents

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        Power Repair Puts The Pow In Glowing Skin

        This is perfect if your skin is looking dull and tired. I noticed my skin was brighter &smoother in a week. It also soothed irritated patches on my cheeks. Power repair works better than the $34 vitamin C serum I was using from a well-known natural beauty brand. As an unexpected bonus it eliminated my hormonal breakouts before and during my period.

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