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Itires Homeopathic Ointment 35g


Traditionally Used For:
  • Stimulating lymphatic detoxification and the excretion of cellular waste
  • Support for the general lymphatic stasis not due to decline in renal function.
  • Supportive remedy for treatment of lymphatic conditions and swollen lymph nodes
  • Supports elimination of local and systemic inflammation of the lymphatic tissues, helps reduce swollen glands and promotes the efficient flow of the lymph. 

    Aesculus hippocastarum 4X
    Arnica montana 8X
    Calcium fluoratum 8X
    Calcium jodatum 6X
    Clematis recta 3X
    Conium maculatum 3X
    Hedera helix 6X
    Scrophularia nodosa 2X

    Apply topical ointment 2-3 times per day over lymph nodes.

    Duration of Use:
    Used as a part of protocols for cleansing the matrix and resolving infection lasting 4 to 8 weeks.

    35 g

    Vendor: Pekana

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