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Herban Allies LLC

Aromatic Sprays

Aromatic Sprays

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Amy Charnay of Herban Allies in Santa Rosa grows drought tolerant, native, aromatic & medicinal plants as food, habitat and medicine. Herban Allies Aromatic Sprays are handmade in small batches using local & organically grown ingredients. Amy cultivates, harvests and processes these botanical allies to preserve their quality and vitality, resulting in extraordinarily vibrant and unique plant aromatics.

You're Grounded: Staff favorite! a delightful forest scent featuring douglas fir, fir balsam and grounding flower essences. A few spritzes will transport you to fond memories of walking in the woods feeling grounded and centered. The perfect gift for any lover of the forests.

Self Love Club: Staff favorite! a balancing scent featuring geranium rose, bergamot, lavender, blue cypress and flower essences to support an open and loving heart. A perfect choice when in need of centering and self-compassion.

Dream Scents: featuring mugwort, a traditional "dreaming herb" and lemon balm, lavender, chamomile and flower essences to promote calm and sleepy/dreamy states. Can be used before bed or anytime for unwinding and de-stressing...

Subtle Armor: this unique forest scent features redwood, California bay laurel and flower essences formulated to protect you from unwanted inner or outer influences. An excellent choice before challenging situations and anytime additional protection is needed.

Cedar Chest: a few sprays of this pure incense cedar hydrosol is a wonderful, natural and simple way to keep your wool and knits in your closet safe from hungry moths!


You're Grounded: 100% natural, local Hydrosol: Douglas Fir(Pseudotsuga menziesii); Essential oils: Fir Balsam, and fir absolute, isopropanol; Flower essences: Indian Paint-brush and Green Rose, non-gmo citric acid.

Self Love Club: 100% natural local Hydrosol: Geranium rose(pelargoium gravelons); Essential oils: Geranium Rose, Bergamont, Lavender and Blue Cypress; Flower essences: California rose, Califirnia poppy, and corn, non-gmo citric acid.

Dream Scents: 100% natural, local Hydrosol: Lavender(Lavendula angustifolia), Mugwort(Artemisia vulgaris), Lemon Balm(Melissa officinalis); Essential oils of: Lavender, and Roman Chamomile, non-gmo citric acid.

Subtle Armor: 100% natural, local Hydrosol: California Bay Laurel(Umbellularia california), Redwood(Sequoia sempervirens); Flower essences: Angelica, Garlic, Mountain Pennyroyal, pink, golden, & white yarrow, non-gmo citric acid.

Cedar Chest: 100% natural, locally cultivated Hydrosol: Incense Cedar (Libocedrus decurrens) needles, and non-gmo citric acid. 


You're Grounded: Shake well. Spray as often as desired to calm, center, and ground the mind and spirit.

Self Love Club: Shake well. Spray as often as desired to uplift, balance, and de-stress.

Dream Scents: Shake well. Mist face, body, pillow cases before bed to support relaxation, sleep and dream recall. Apply to skin after cleansing or shaving.

Subtle Armor: Shake well. Spray as often as desired when in need of strength, protection, and boundaries.

Cedar Chest: Shake well. Spray as often as desired to energize, clear air, repel insects or to freshen & protect skin and textiles.

Store for up to 1 year.


80 ml 

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