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Greenexcellent is an extract of green coffee beans. It is caffeine free, and rich in chlorogenic and 5-caffeoyliquinic acids. It contains neither allergens nor impurities, and has been shown to reduce In TCM, "blood" is used as a broad term to describe the physical blood in the body that moistens the muscles, tissues, skin and hair, as well as nourishing the cells and organs.

Use Greenexcellent to help promote weight loss and increase lean mass.

  • Supports Weight Loss
  • Reduces Fats From Adipose Tissue
  • Antioxidant Booster

Use cautiously with Spleen Deficient patients.  Pregnant or nursing women should always consult with their health care provider before using any supplement.

Chinese herbs can be very potent, but using them can be quite complex; Your health outcome may benefit from professional advice. 

    Greenexcellent (proprietary green coffee extract decaffeinated)

    1 tablet, twice a day with meals

    60 tablets

    Vendor: Health Concerns

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