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Brain Cell Support

Metabolic Maintenance

    Brain Cell Support - designed by Hyla Cass, MD - is one of the most potent combinations of nutrients and plant extracts for support of normal memory, mood and focus. The powerful nutrient, Cognizin citicoline, which has been the subject of research at Harvard University, is combined with acetyl L-carnitine, DMAE, phosphatidylserine, and the brain supporting botanicals Ginkgo biloba and Gotu kola to help support healthy production of neurotransmitters which contribute to normal mood. DMAE, in addition, may also increase levels of the memory neurotransmitter, acetlcholine.

    • Maintains integrity of neuronal cell membranes
    • Provides support for healthy neuronal signaling
    • Supports normal memory, mood, and focus

      Per 2 Capsules:
      Acetyl L-Carnitine (as 600 mg Acetyl L-Carnitine HCl)500 mg
      Cognizin ® Citicholine (CDP-Choline)200 mg
      DMAE (dimethylaminoethanol as 275 mg DMAE bitartrate)100 mg
      Phosphatidylserine (from soy)100 mg
      Ginkgo Biloba leaf extract (standardized to 24% ginkgoflavonglycosides and 6% terpene lactones)120 mg
      Gotu Kola herb extract (Centella asiatica, standardized to 10% asiaticoside and 30% triterpenes)100 mg
      Other Ingredients:
      vegetarian cellulose capsules


      Two (2) capsules daily with meals as a dietary supplement, or as directed by a Doctor

      Storage: Keep tightly closed in a dry place; do not expose to excessive heat


      60 capsules

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