Whitni Rader, Registered Associate MFT #143696 under supervision of a licensed marriage and family therapist.

To schedule an Internal Family Systems (IFS) session with Whitni, reach out to her via email: whitni@tatradelarosa.com.


$140 for 50 minute session.

What to expect with an Internal Family Systems session...

  • First... what is IFS?:
    • The word 'family' can be confusing because, of course, there IS family therapy. This is not that ;) Your internal family, or system of parts, is the focus of these sessions. The model assumes we are made up of parts, and that each of our parts has a role with a positive intent for our system. Even when those parts act out in ways that appear destructive or counterproductive.
    • Often times our parts are stuck in the past, with their roles defined in the face of traumatic events (big or small). Think of this as a coping mechanism. 
    • By getting to know our parts, we can help identify and accept the different parts of ourselves and heal the parts that are wounded.
  • Second... what to expect in a session:
    • The goal of IFS is to get curious about our parts, develop a reliable sense of self, and use this 'self-energy' to communicate with our parts to bring harmony and healing. 
    • There are a few ways we can start a session... 1) 'is there a part you'd like to get to know better or change your relationship with?' or 2) begin discussing a recent event or conflict that feels troubling or unresolved and from that conversation. From there I can help identify possible parts involved and help you focus on one to get to know better.
    • Curiosity leads the way, and in this way, IFS is very client-led with me as the facilitator. 
    • The sessions go as light or deep as the client likes and we are asking all parts for consent and permission along the way. This model is very respectful to parts that are often villainized or shamed. This approach can soften the extreme behaviors of these parts, once they feel seen and heard.