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Medicinal Mushrooms (Reishi!) & Immune Intelligence

September 27, 2018

Mushrooms & Immunity Intelligence Author: Lily Mazzarella
Designed for discernment (self/other, threat/benign stimulus), the immune system can become confused in this crazy world of ours.  Chronic stress, pathogens, fractionated foods, heightened climate conditions, chemicals in the environment all present the immune system with overwhelming amounts of information.  And under the arc of stress chemicals like cortisol and adrenaline, immune responses can become skewed.  You might experience under-functioning of the immune system & get sick more frequently, or have a tough time recovering.  You might experience overactivity--heightened vigilance--& develop new sensitivities and allergies to our foods & environment.  Or, because the immune system hasn’t read the textbook, both 

Enter medicinal mushrooms.  Take, for example, Reishi mushroom.  Reishi is tree medicine for the modern condition.  It is amphoteric (balancing) to immune function, and is used for both deficiency states (think, cancer, chronic viruses like herpes and EBV) and allergies and autoimmunity.  Reishi is potently anti-inflammatory, AND can encourage efficient and appropriate inflammation, which is the basis of immune system scavenging and infection resolution.  It can help your cold sores AND your allergies to leaf litter. 

In the as-yet-unwritten book about herbs that have saved my life, Reishi would be the first entry.  It was my guide through quitting smoking over 15 years ago, and supported my nervous system, adrenals, and lungs while I recovered from that addiction.  It has done more for my insomnia than any other herb, and has helped my body thrive in the midst of chronic viruses. 

As a hard-bodied polypore, Reishi’s medicinal magic needs to be extracted to be available to our bodies.  That’s why Radical Immune Powder and Reishi Roast (and all our Reishi-containing herbal tinctures) are all formulated with Reishi fruiting body extracts.  The mushrooms have been pre-extracted so that all the goodness is immediately available to your body, and doesn’t require simmering for hours.  Radical Immune powder + hot cashew milk + a few drops stevia + collagen>>>>YUM!!

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Got Sick - Respiratory Specific
Catherine - San Francisco
Extra-Level Respiratory Support

Nourishing Lung tincture has been our go-to during the now-annual fire season, reducing the impacts of smoke & polluted air, and for providing overall respiratory support.
Got Sick-Respiratory Specific is a great addition for the onset of URIs and other respiratory distress, as it seems to act rapidly and deeply. It's also very effective in combination with Nourishing Lung. My husband was developing a URI following surgery, and before calling the Dr for antibiotics, he opted to try using both tinctures, together with Got Sick regular formula. Significant improvement occurred within 12 hours and he was able to clear it without medication. Highest recommendation.

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GI Fortify
Kim Metcalf
G.I. Fortify

Like the ease of the capsules. Also use the powder. Excellent way to add fiber and help digestive track. Definitely use it daily.

Intolerance Complex
Kim Metcalf
Intolerance Complex

Helps some when eating dairy or gluten on a occasional basis. Have purchased several bottles over the past few years.

Life saver!

Recommended to me by 2 Naturopaths. this product has helped me out of SIBO issues and also maintained my body's natural gastric process.
Whenever I have a flare up of digestive problems, this product, in combination with garlic and probiotics has helped me restore things without the torment of antibiotics, which destroy your gut lining. I highly recommend staying on an assigned regiment of Candibactin BR for a cure.

Inflamyar Ointment
pam zimmerman

Woks great for pain. The best arnica product I've found.