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Collagen Peptides- Quick Dissolve

Collagen Peptides- Quick Dissolve

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Beef Hydrolyzed Collagen is the unique combination of amino acids in concentrated levels that can promote healing and conditioning over other proteins especially for bone and joint health care.

This low molecular weight protein is easily digested for healthy enrichment in minutes after ingestion. It will not congeal because it has been hydrolyzed for quick assimilation and improved hydration to the connective tissue. Collagen is important to nitrogen balance, now considered an anti-aging product as it supports age related cartilage damage, and collagen loss.


Hydrolyzed collagen


Take two rounded tablespoons twice daily


16 oz (1 lb)

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Customer Reviews

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Marilyn Ward
Collagen Peptide

I have been using this product for quite a long while. My hair was thinning terribly and I started using this product daily, 2 scoops. My hair has been filling in and I am quite pleased with this product. Not only does it help with regrowth of hair but it is good for the entire body.
Thank you.

zeena janowsky
I think it's working!

I began this product as my nails were splitting and my hair was dull. I am in month 2.5 and there is definitely improvement! I'm pretty pleased to see results!

A Pantry Staple!

The Cherry Connector (see seasonal guide Summer Inflammation Soother) is a Top Five! Collagen Peptides is flavorless so it's a super versatile add-in for smoothies and soups and a boon to my joint health!