Trina Palomarez bio

Trina started her healing journey nearly twenty years ago, moving to Sonoma County to study herbal medicine after graduating from college. She attended California School of Herbal Studies in 1997, attending their Foundations and Therapeutics program, culminating in a Clinical Herbalism program. Her herbal medicine background is at the heart of her practice and she regularly uses herbal formulas when working with clients. This is where she first made the connection between plants, food and the innate healing response of the body, learning that there was always another way.

After finishing her studies at CSHS, she began working in the natural products industry. During that time she worked in a lab formulating natural bath and body care products for a variety of companies in California for several years. She expertly formulated herbal extracts, blended essential oils, and created a variety of lotions, potions, scrubs and balms. Aside from being an intriguingly enjoyable experience, it offered an incomparable professional insight into the herbal world and natural products market. She later felt a hunger for a more in-depth experience and decided to shift towards working directly with clients as a health practitioner.

She returned to school in 2007 to study nutrition and became a certified Nutrition Educator and Nutrition Consultant through Bauman College. In addition to being a certified Clinical Herbalist & Nutritionist, she has received certification as a massage therapist from Calistoga Massage School, studied advanced aromatherapy and distillation with Jeanie Rose and has trained as a birthing doula with the Birth and Bonding Center.

She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Women’s Studies from UCLA , a Master’s of Science in Nutrition and Integrative Health from Maryland University of Integrative Health and is a Board Certified Nutrition Specialist. Her broad educational base has provided a range of expertise in the field of integrative health and affords her myriad modalities from which to draw upon in her individualized work clients.