Lily Mazzarella

Lily has limited space for new clients in her practice.  Please email her at for availability.

Rates for Consultations* (available on Zoom and in person) :

Initial Herbal & Nutritional Consultation & Plan: $165 (1 hour) Your recommendations may be supplied same day, or within 48 hours via email.

Follow-up Herbal & Nutritional Consultation: $125 (50 mins)

Lily's practice is informed by scientific study, attention to the latest research, and an intimate knowledge of the "character" of hundreds of herbs and nutrients. You're more than your symptoms, and Lily addresses you as a whole being. She offers straightforward, strategic solutions and advice that will help you heal.

Integrated Lifestyle and Diet Assessment:

  • Your health status is evaluated using tools from 5 Element Chinese medicine, Ayurveda, Nutrigenomics study, and Western Natural Medicine
  • Specialized programs are developed to effectively pinpoint food sensitivities and determine your ideal food supply—one of the best ways to support healthy inflammation levels and weight
  • Lily will discuss eating and supplementation to optimize your energy, hormonal balance, immunity and mood
  • We'll take realistic, non-dogmatic approaches to lifestyle modification, self-care and stress management

Custom herbal formulations:

Used properly, herbs can be an incredibly safe and supportive addition to your wellness repertoire. These blends are formulated specifically and expertly for YOU, taking your health status, constitution, and compatibility with current medications into account. They can be adjusted as your health needs change, your life situation changes (very common with increasing stress levels and hormonal transitions), and even the seasons change.

Personalized Recommendations and Care:

You'll walk away with a rational plan and understand your next steps. We'll schedule a follow-up to help you stay on track: adjust herbs, nutrients, and diet as your system responds to our targeted interventions.