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Isabella Decredico bio

Isabella grew up in East Oakland where urban life surrounded her, yet she often sought out the natural spaces that had been left untended and were magically wild and raw. Her mother also grew a small, but luscious and memorable garden in their humble backyard; which became a foundation for how she relates to food, nourishment, medicine, and connection.

Isabella continued her urban journey to Los Angeles after high school, and after three years of living in Southern California heard the call to explore the wide open spaces of nature. Pausing her college education, she spent the next several years living and traveling throughout Colorado, Utah, and Arizona - each environment showing her new ecosystems, plants, cultures, and ways of being. Through learning and living more in tune with nature, Isabella discovered the ways in which the natural world can inspire and evoke creativity, connection, intuition, healing, and quality of life.

She returned to school where she finished her degree, a BA in Communication and an emphasis in Ecological and Educational Gardening, at the University of California, Davis. While at Davis she interned on the Student Farm where she led children Pre-K through 8th grade through garden explorations and stewardship as a form of experiential learning. She also tended to the medicinal and culinary herbs as well as taught several introduction to medicine making classes to her community on the farm. After Davis, Isabella completed two years of training at California School of Herbal Studies where she also apprenticed in the garden during that time. Currently, she is working at CSHS as the Director's Assistant and as the school's Medicine Maker. She also works as an Herbalist at Farmacopia and their Merchandiser. In her free time, she continues to study both the magical and scientific world of herbs.

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