Isabella Decredico bio

Herbal consultations with Isabella offer individualized care based on your goals within wellness. Whether you are seeking preventative care or are already experiencing symptoms, consultations offer you one-on-one customized support.

Isabella will work with you wherever you currently are physically, emotionally, spiritually, and financially in your healing process as well as compassionately encouraging growth and self-empowerment.

Her work is infused with her experiences throughout life and her lineage as well as the tools she has learned from both formal and informal education. She holds a BA in Communication and an emphasis in Ecological and Educational Gardening from the University of California, Davis. She has completed two years of training at the California School of Herbal Studies where she also apprenticed in the garden during her time as a student. Isabella has also taken workshops in Meditation, Anti-Racism and Herbalism, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Elemental Intuition, Foundations of Rituals, and Alchemy. She is forever a student of the magical, ancestral, and scientific world of herbs.