Hilary Go

Hilary (she/her) is a Clinical Herbalist and Nutrition Consultant who is passionate about alchemy and food as medicine. Hilary loves to inspire creative and effective ways to integrate healing herbs and foods into one’s daily life. As a practitioner, Hilary addresses root causes of imbalances and draws on plant pharmacology, functional medicine, nutritional science and Chinese medicine to support her clients. She works two fold: providing acute relief for her client’s concerns while strengthening foundational pillars of health to promote long-term vitality.

Her specialities lie in digestion (IBS, leaky gut, chronic mystery gut issues, food allergies and intolerances), the nervous system (insomnia, anxiety, depression, stress support), and hormonal + adrenal balance (menstrual cycle concerns, fertility, libido, menopause, chronic fatigue, burnout, hypo/hyper thyroid). Often these areas intersect for many of her clients and she is eager to support these connections.

Hilary believes in healthcare that is inclusive, empowering and joy-inspiring. Grounded in compassion and accessibility, she honors where you are in your health journey.

Working with Hilary, you’ll receive an in-depth holistic health review and an approachable plan of action that include customized herbal formulas, supplements, healing foods and lifestyle recommendations tailored to your unique constitution. Functional lab work and gut stool analysis are also available additions.

Hilary has completed extensive training and clinical mentorship in herbalism, holistic nutrition, Chinese medicine and herbal product formulation. She graduated from New York University, the California School of Herbal Studies and Bauman College of Holistic Nutrition & Culinary Arts. In addition to seeing clients 1-on-1 through Farmacopia, she is co-creator of herbal brand, Earth Allies, a workshop facilitator + educator, as well as a formulator + medicine maker for herbal businesses in Sonoma County.