Dr. Bridget Somine

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Initial Visit 
Adults $425 (90 minutes)
Pediatrics $350 (60 minutes)

Extended Follow-up Visit
$265 (60 minutes)

Regular Follow-Up Visit 
$225 (45 minutes)

Focused Follow-Up Visit 
$180 (30 minutes)

Manual Medicine 
$90 (30 minutes)

Introductory Session 
Free (15 minutes)

Sliding Scale application available upon request. 

Blending the science of medicine and the art of healing, Dr. Bridget integrates evidence-based medicine with time-honored natural therapies.Dr. Bridget is trained in both western medicine and natural medicine, so she provides a multifaceted approach to health and wellness. Like a "regular" doctor, she uses physical examination and conventional labs and imaging. However, she also incorporates functional medicine testing and constitutional analysis, which can shed more light on imbalances.Dr. Bridget takes the time to get to know you, helping you get to the root of your symptoms. She will give you practical and effective tools for feeling better.

Therapies Dr. Bridget draws upon for your care:

  • Whole Foods Nutrition
  • Herbal Medicine
  • Ayurvedic Medicine
  • Craniosacral Therapy & Visceral Manipulation
  • Chi Nei Tsang (Taoist organ massage)
  • Bioidentical Hormones
  • Nutrigenomics
  • Clinical Supplementation

Her typical patients:

  • Don't feel well, often despite "normal" test exams and labs, and want to take a deeper, more holistic lookn
  • Have been to many doctors, and didn't find the help or answers they needed
  • Don't typically go to doctors, but want or need a holistic medical perspective
  • Want to reduce current medications (or supplements!) by addressing the underlying issues that created the need for them in the first place
  • Want to reduce side-effects of necessary medications
  • Are ready to make meaningful and lasting improvements in their health

Available tests include:

  • Hormone Panels
  • Neurotransmitter Testing
  • Expanded Cardiovascular Risk Profiles
  • Digestive and Stool Analysis
  • Food Sensitivities – Food Inflammation Testing (FIT)
  • Heavy Metal, Mold & Environmental Toxin Evaluation
  • Micronutrient Analysis
  • Genetic SNP testing, including MTHFR
  • Methylation Status
  • Detoxification Profiles…and more!