Bonnie Nedrow bio

Dr. Bonnie's path to Sonoma County has been a slow and steady move south since graduating from Bastyr University in 2000 with a Doctorate of Naturopathic Medicine and a Certificate of Midwifery. Medicine was an unlikely transition from a 15-year career in choreography and dance. She finds that the same type of creative thinking used to craft a dance, is key to helping her patients create the health and vitality they seek.

In Seattle, Washington she worked with young families, attended births of over 200 women, provided pediatric care for the babies, and nutritionally and herbally balanced hormones for fertility. It was during these years she began to understand the effectiveness of preconception care to optimize health for the whole family. Personal experience of her first pregnancy with no preconception care, followed by a healthier second pregnancy with 2 years of preparation, underlined the importance.

In 2006 she jumped state lines to move her family to small-town life in Ashland, Oregon.

Her practice shifted to focus on young adult care and menopausal support. The next big shift in her work occurred when she attended a post-doctorate Environmental Medicine Program in 2011. Cleansing and detoxification had always been a cornerstone of her practice, but now the bar had been raised. The reality of over 85,000 man-made chemicals, with 3,000 of those compounds in everyday non-occupational exposure, was overwhelming. Looking deeper, she began to understand the immense impact these chemicals have on childhood health and development. Since 2011 she has presented over 20 lectures on environmental impacts on reproductive health at medical conferences throughout the United States. Over the years, she has written several books and created programs in detoxification, the ketogenic diet, and preconception optimization.

In January of 2017 she crossed state lines again into California. She lives on a beautiful farm in the redwoods outside of Guerneville, where she continues to develop her wellness programs to help people of all ages create health for today and expand their healthspan; the years of life when regardless of age you are healthy. Dr. Bonnie is excited to join the fabulous team at Farmacopia.