This is not business as usual

 It is my opinion that any business of "health promotion" needs to be aware of social determinants of health--basically, all the ways in which systemic inequalities determine a dizzying array of health outcomes.  Covid-19 has highlighted this in such an outsized way all across the United States.  Even in Sonoma County, where Farmacopia has its brick and mortar shop, as of today nearly 70% of the people testing positive for Covid identify as Latino, even though the Latinx population is just over 25% of the county.  
There is so much to pay attention to right now.  Please take care of yourself, so that you have the energy to learn, listen and act.  We need to come together as agents of action and change.  It's been a rough few years in Sonoma County and I know some of us are tired. 
We're here for you, grateful for the opportunity to support you. 
Big virtual hug,
Here are few quick ways you can take action TODAY from your own desk or couch: 
  1. Text DEFEND to 90975 
  2. Check @mvmnt4blklives  for organized actions that can be taken this week
  3. Auto email to Demand Justice for the Murder of George Floyd. All officers must be held accountable.