Amy Hudgens bio

Amy Hudgens B.A, CNC, is a Board Certified Nutrition Consultant. She is the Founder of a global organization called The Nourished Girls Project. Amy is a mom of a teen daughter, visionary, educator and speaker. Over the last 13 years Amy has supported, empowered and inspired hundreds pre-ten/teen girls & women globally to optimize their wellness, joy and leadership in a simple & fun way.

Amy has a B.A in Women's and Gender Studies from Sonoma State University. She has worked in women’s health for over a decade as a reproductive health specialist supporting and advocating for women and girls health care. Amy has led girl’s empowerment workshops virtually with over 200 girls in attendance through her Global Leadership Academy. She is all about connection, making a difference, giving back, sharing stories and being in community. Amy believes nutrition is not all about the food. It’s about adding in simple nourishment in the forms of inspiration, empowerment, joy and food!
Amy believes wellness can be simple and customized and there are “no rules” when it comes to optimizing your wellness, nutrition and joy. Amy has a special interest in teen wellness, supporting brain health and emotional wellness for teen girls and women.

Amy supports and inspires women, teens (and their parents/guardians) globally through her private practice, girl’s leadership academy, purposeful products, community outreach workshops and speaking opportunities.