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Forest Immune


Four Concentrated Mushroom Extracts For Full Body Support.

Our immune function is complicated. Medicinal mushrooms have the nuance & complexity to match it.

This quartet of powerful, fruiting body medicinal mushroom extracts in a delicious chocolate-y base was formulated by Lily Mazzarella, clinical herbalist and founder of Farmacopia, for optimal immune health.

Organic and pre-extracted for bio-availability of polysaccharides, triterpenes, and other anti-inflammatory and immune modulating compounds, this tasty formula is rounded out with a hint of cardamom for synergy and digestion. Add to coffee, lattes, smoothies, or enjoy straight up!

Cordyceps—Cordyceps has been studied for its benefits on endurance and stamina, oxygenation and lung function, and immune modulation. An energizing tonic for building strength, resilience and reserves.

Reishi—Reishi is a supremely useful immune modulator and respiratory tonic, appropriate in both under and overactive immune states. In addition to its well-researched anti-viral and anti-cancer effects, Reishi exhibits potent anti-allergic and anti-inflammatory effects. It benefits nearly every body system—liver, cardiovascular, adrenals, and not least, the nervous system! In traditional Chinese medicine Reishi is used for its calming effects—a tonic for restlessness, insomnia and deficiency states.

Chaga—Chaga boasts the highest ORAC (antioxidant) rating of any food, making it a potent anti-inflammatory and free-radical scavenger (free radicals are compounds that damage and age our cells). Chaga’s compounds have exhibited anti-tumor effects, and appear to be useful in managing inflammation, high blood sugar, and high blood pressure. And, super cool fact: Chaga extracts some of its beneficial anti-inflammatory compounds from the tree it grows on!

Coriolus—Otherwise known as “Turkey Tails,” these gorgeous forest dwellers contain a host of compounds that benefit the human immune system. Its phenols and flavonoids are anti-inflammatory, while its polysaccharides have been well-researched (in humans!) for various cancers, including breast, colorectal and lung. Like other mushrooms, Coriolus also supports gut health!

Contains the equivalent of .9 grams of medicinal mushroom extract per milliliter--roughly a dropperful.

Cordyceps*, Chaga*, Coriolus*, Reishi*, Chocolate*, Cardamom* in a gluten-free alcohol* & glycerine base.


3-5 dropperfuls, 1-3 times per day, as needed. Can be taken straight or in 1-2 oz of water.

2 oz, 4 oz, 8 oz


Vendor: Farmacopia

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews

Who knew taking care of my immune system would taste this good? I'm already a big fan of Reishi Roast so when I was told this has a similar taste profile, I jumped on trying a bottle! Love the slightly sweet chocolate addition and rooty taste of the mushrooms. I gave this blend to my mom who has a hard time getting on board with herbs and she LOVED this. A great gift to give to folks to get them into herbs.

Love it

My hubs and I have been taking this daily for about 5 months and love it. We can feel the difference if we forget to take it for a few days. Love knowing it’s supporting our bodies and immune systems during this germy time. Highly recommend.

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350 reviews
Life saver!

Recommended to me by 2 Naturopaths. this product has helped me out of SIBO issues and also maintained my body's natural gastric process.
Whenever I have a flare up of digestive problems, this product, in combination with garlic and probiotics has helped me restore things without the torment of antibiotics, which destroy your gut lining. I highly recommend staying on an assigned regiment of Candibactin BR for a cure.

Inflamyar Ointment
pam zimmerman

Woks great for pain. The best arnica product I've found.

Curamin Pain Relief
pam zimmerman

Curamin works well

Sleep Now
Sleep Now is my new favorite cocktail.

Sleep now is a beautiful tincture that helps de-stress my mind and makes my body feel instantly calm. Sometimes other sleep cocktails can knock you out too quickly or give you a groggy feeling in the morning but not Sleep Now. I love the taste of it, maybe because I have always felt connected to lemon balm and motherwort.
Sleep Now is a soft, flowing medicine that works perfectly. My neighbor introduced me to Farmacopia and I just ended up buying a small lazy susan to display all my lovely tinctures. I use different ones throughout the day and I can honestly say they are making a huge difference in my life. My moods are much more stable now. Thank you so much, Farmacopia!!

Aw!!! This review is so sweet and we love your lazy-susan Farmacopia display!

Son loves them

Love these vitamins. My son looks forward to them everyday and usually reminds me if I forget. They seem to work well. He is a very healthy 4 year old.