Tulsi Basil Moringa Iced Tea

tulsi basil moringa iced tea

I can't believe how lemony Tusli Basil tea tastes. I almost want to call it lemonade instead of tea ;) One day I wanted my usual refreshing Tusli Basil concoction but I also wanted a non-caffeine afternoon boost (Moringa is my go-to for that), so I tried adding the Diaspora Co. Single Estate Kudligi Nugekkai Moringa powder to it and... ohmagawd. Yum. 

First, make the tea:

A handful of fresh Tulsi Basil leaves torn or roughly chopped
Add basil to a mason jar and fill it with hot water
Let steep for a few minutes
Add a spoonful of honey (optional but highly recommended)
Add lemon juice from one lemon
Add this to a larger jar and fill with water - I prefer a quart but the size is up to you (pint sized mason jars are heat proof so I make the concentrate in that and then move to a larger jar)
Set aside

    Next, make the Moringa mixture:

    1/2 tsp to 1 tsp Diaspora Co. Single Estate Kudligi Nugekkai Moringa powder 
    Add a little hot water
    Blend until completely dissolved
    Add a little hot water
    Blend until completely dissolved


      Add tea to Moringa mixture, plus ice and enjoy!


        ps - you can also enjoy just the tea part of this recipe. Sometimes I don't add the water at the end and save the concentrate to use with fizzy water. If I'm feeling fancy.  

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