Strawberry Mint Shrub (based on Joy of Cooking recipe)

strawberry shrub recipeAuthor: Lily Mazzarella MS, CNS 


  • 2 cups sliced organic strawberries
  • 1 c sweetener of choice (I used organic cane sugar)
  • 1-2 c vinegar of choice (I used organic red wine vinegar)
  • 1 handful organic mint leaves, torn or chopped

Combine the strawberries and sweetener in a bowl and stir. Cover, and refrigerate for 1-2 days, stirring 1-2 times per day. A thin syrup should form. On the 2nd or 3rd day, strain through a fine mesh strainer or cheesecloth, and add mint, vinegar and/or sweetener to taste. This one needed no adjusting!


Nervine Mocktail:

  • 1-2 oz shrub
  • Several mint leaves, crushed
  • 6-8 oz sparkling water
  • 2-5 droppers of "Feeling Easy" tincture or "Schisandra Sour" tincture


  • 1-2 oz shrub
  • 1.5 oz clear rum or cachaca
  • 6-8 oz sparkling water
  • Mint leaves to garnish

For more information on Medicinal Vinegars & Shrubs 


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