Kombucha Jell-oh

kombucha recipeAuthor: Lily Mazzarella
This isn’t as strange as it sounds. Recipes like this have been making the Paleo and GAPS diet rounds for years. While not as sweet (or technicolor) as the jello you grew up with, it boasts far more health benefits. Grass-fed gelatin helps strengthen connective tissue and contains amino acids that help heal the gut. Kombucha has some pretty interesting microorganisms that support healthy gut flora balance, and raw honey contains beneficial enzymes and strong antimicrobial compounds.


4 cups kombucha—low sugar or homemade variety
3 tbsp raw honey or 5 drops liquid Stevia (NuStevia Vanilla is best)
5 tbsp Great Lakes Grass-Fed Gelatin (red canister)


In a bowl or mason jar, sweeten kombucha to taste with raw honey or stevia.

Place 2 cups of the kombucha in a pot on the stove.

Sprinkle gelatin evenly over the kombucha, and whisk in until smooth.

Turn on heat to low and heat until thickened. Unlike traditional jello, you don’t want to heat this much! The kombucha should be just warm. Overheating destroys enzymes and beneficial microbes.

Remove from heat. Add the thickened kombucha to the remaining kombucha and stir well.

Pour into pan and chill until set (usually a few hours).

Cut into squares and enjoy!

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