Your Can’t Miss Daily Immunity Ritual

Daily Immunity RitualAuthor: Lily Mazzarella
Keep colds & flus at bay with this 15-minute daily wellness ritual.

You swallow, then swallow again—dread mounting as you feel a familiar soreness….Am I getting sick?!?

Does it always start in your throat? Or land in your lungs? Or do clogged sinuses and smarting ears let you know what’s coming? Pain, dryness/tickling, irritative coughs, and altered secretion in these vulnerable areas may be your first sign that something’s wrong. With a little help, you might just be able to kick it!

It begins by protecting your “Points of Entry.” These are the vulnerable areas of your body that interface directly with the outside world. They are the warm and welcoming highways directly into your bod which pathogens love to exploit. Although we are equipped with certain frontline defenses in these vulnerable areas — like protective mucous membranes, hair, and cilia (microscopic hairs which line our air passages, sweeping them clean of particulate and bacteria), it really is up to us to proactively mount a defense — especially when faced by an onslaught of germs as in cold & flu season.

If your Points of Entry are protected, hopefully your immune system doesn’t even have to get involved!

Where are your Points of Entry?

• Mouth/Throat
• Ears
• Nose/Sinuses
• Lungs
• Back of Neck
• Hands
• Lymph (not quite a “point of entry,” but an immune companion that needs your support!)

The following practices are meant to be done regularly, all together, or in “shorthand” version for whatever area feels most vulnerable or vexed to you. It can be wonderful to do the whole circuit once or twice per week during the fall and winter months, or when you’re feeling rundown. Once you’ve learned the practices, you can complete everything in about 15-20 minutes.

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