The Key To Restful Sleep 💤

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You know those really good sleeps?

If you’re lucky, you’ve probably experienced it at least once in your life.

With 8 hours of uninterrupted rest, you feel that easeful float-into-REM-cycle, and then a gentle arrival back to waking consciousness as the sun peeks through your window. You’re out of bed even before your alarm goes off, ready to tackle the day with a rainbows-and-unicorns attitude that your coworkers will probably hate you for.

If this isn’t even close to your current reality, you’re like most of the population. And inflammation could be one of the reasons why …

Inflammation can reduce the amount of time you spend in that oh-so-yummy deep REM sleep. Healthy REM cycles are essential for healing, memory storage, cognitive functioning, and pain relief – not to mention stable energy levels.

Even if you spend 12 hours in bed, a lack of REM sleep will leave you with that groggy hungover feeling in the morning.

You may turn to a nightcap to help, but this is likely working against you …

Alcohol provides temporary relaxation, and it's true that it may help you fall asleep faster. But booze can actually disrupt your REM cycles and cause waking later in the night when the carbs hit your bloodstream and spike your blood sugar.

If you have trouble with consistent sleep, try this sleep-supporting mocktail recipe!

🍒 Tart Cherry Limeade Mocktail
¼ cup tart cherry juice
Juice from ¼-1 lime
1 cup sparkling water
10-15 dropperfuls of Cherry Bomb
1-3 drops of organic liquid stevia (optional)

The key ingredient here is Farmacopia’s sleep-supporting superstar, Cherry Bomb. Tart cherries can be incredibly supportive of health and good sleep. On top of their antioxidant properties, tart cherries contain melatonin and increase the bioavailability of tryptophan in your body. Research shows that tart cherry can boost both sleep time and quality of sleep.

Cherry Bomb also features other anti-inflammatory and nervous-system soothing ingredients, including hawthorn, lemon balm, jujube seed, and milky oat botanicals.

P.S. For additional anti-inflammatory support, check out our free Summer Inflammation Soother guide. There are even more yummy recipes, as well as our approachable method for taming inflammation through diet!


Cherry Bomb rocks!
Cherry Bomb is amazing! Helps me fall asleep so quickly. All natural!

Cherry is the bomb!
This is one of my favorite elixirs from Farmacopia. I love to add three or four drops to a glass of sparkling water in the evenings as it tastes just like it sounds - delicious. I live that it has anti inflammatory properties as well helping me relax and look forward to a good nights sleep.

Best relaxing tincture
I love taking this tincture prior to sleeping every night. It helps me relax and prepare for bed. It helps me sleep the whole night. Thank you for this wonderful tincture. It has helped my sleeping pattern. I sleep longer no waking up in the middle of the night.
-Lei Anne

A gentle path to sweet dreams
I have long been leery of incorporating melatonin-rich supplements in my diet for fear of creating dependency. Sleep is a temperamental beast for me and I did not want to upset its "natural" course. Cherry Bomb is so gentle and subtle in its approach that it has been a perfect bridge for me to a better night's sleep, and I can use it intermittently which is ideal. The anti-inflammatory properties are always a value for me. Sleep is everything when it comes to regulating the mind, body and spirit, and Cherry Bomb is a wonderful way to help make that possible.

Cherry bomb take me away!
I've had chronic inflammation for the last seven months, and the past month taking cherry bomb every night has been a lovely and delicious part of some long-needed relief. As soon as the first drop hits my tongue, my body says a big yes, please. thank you!

We’ve made this process as simple as possible. At Farmacopia, we’ve helped hundreds return to feeling good in their bodies through the power of functional nutrition and medicinal herbs. We’ve designed the Summer Inflammation Soother as an accessible free-to-download guide to healing the gut, calming inflammation, and putting you back in control of your own health and vitality. 

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