In a Sea of Mushroom Coffee... What Makes Reishi Roast So Special?

Mushrooms & Immunity Intelligence Author: Lily Mazzarella

In a sea of mushroom coffee, what makes Reishi Roast so special?
We were a little bit ahead of the curve…

When Reishi Roast launched back in 2014, we (formulators Lily Mazzarella and Amy Charnay) had been making and drinking some version of RR for nearly 10 years.  In that interlude our relationships with caffeine varied—there were times we drank our mushrooms with coffee, and times we drank them instead of coffee. 

This inspired us to make a rich, delicious, brewable blend that could stand on its own, and satisfy in the way that only coffee previously could.  We took our time finetuning and perfecting the blend, and considered every aspect of the product—sourcing, sustainability, flavor and effect—before bringing it to market. 

As clinical herbalists, we knew that anything you do every day (like a morning hot beverage ritual) has the potential to enhance—or detract from—our well-being.  Reishi Roast is formulated as a full-body tonic, not just a trendy medicinal mushroom add-on.  Reishi Roast balances energy and immunity, enhances focus, and supports the liver in its detoxification role

We keep production local so that we can keep an eye on every step of the process. 

Each ingredient is tested for heavy metal and microbes, and is properly identified via microscopy.  RR is made in a cGMP FDA-inspected facility by actual herbalists. 

Each ingredient is ground to our specification to ensure perfect extraction (we recommend a French press for ideal brewing).

Our certified organic milky oat tops (Avena sativa) have been grown on the same, small west coast farm for 8 years.  This prized herbal medicine is considered a “neurotrophorestorative,” nourishing and restoring tone to the burned-out nervous system

Given potential sustainability issues with Chaga mushroom, we have opted for a “smaller but better” business model and a longterm relationship with an ethical supplier, not one based on unsustainable expansion which depletes natural resources. 

To our delight, we have received overwhelming positive feedback about Reishi Roast.  Regular drinkers routinely tell us how RR has changed their lives, supporting clear, focused energy throughout the day helping to restore healthy sleep rhythms at night.  Plus, it tastes simply delicious, hot or iced.

If your coffee has been needing an upgrade, or you need to change your relationship with caffeine altogether, welcome Reishi Roast into your life


Lily Mazzarella



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