Father's Day Gift Ideas That Anyone Would Love!

natural allergy reliefWe will get right to it!

Herbal Revolution's Fire Tonic makes an amazing ingredient in salsa (and BBG Sauce!). Here's what HR has to say...
Harvest season, means salsa season which also means it’s Fire Cider season 🔥
I turned this beautiful basket of tomatoes into delicious salsa. Using all ingredients grown on the farm and our Fire Tonic!!
So good and so easy. All you need is a huge pile of tomato’s, half pile of mixed hot and sweet peppers, red and yellow onions, a bunch of garlic, a lot of cumin, some salt and 1/2-3/4 bottle of fire tonic.
Find out more about the Fire Tonic here

Farmacopia Bitters Kit! 
Our Bitters Kit includes our Mocktail / Cocktail Recipe Booklet and three of our most popular bitters: Orange Twist, Salad Bitters, and Schisandra Sour. It comes packaged in a sturdy kraft box with recycled shredded paper... perfect for gifting! 
Find out more about our Bitters Kit

Hiking Dad
BADGER makes this SPF 40 Sunscreen Cream in an eco-friendly, reusable tin - perfect for a hiking or survival ‘kit’.
Find out more about our Badger's SPF 40 Sunscreen Cream

Tense Shoulder Dad
Farmacopia's Deep Fir Body Oil. Both the giver & receiver of this massage will be in love with the Deep Fir aromatherapy involved!
Find out more about our Deep Fir Body Oil

Afternoon Lemonade Dad
Lemon Squeeze tea from Herbal Revolution. UMMM.... Lemon Peel , Lemon Balm Leaf, Lemon Verbena Leaf, Lemongrass, Rose Hips & Rosemary. Yeah, I'll take some of that!
Find out more about Lemon Squeeze loose leaf tea (100% Organic!)

Hiking (again!) or Lounging Dad
Into the Woods Bugspray from Good Flower Farm. It works fantastically if you adorn yourself in it right before (ad)venturing outside. And it’s a nice bonus that it smells good too!
Find out more about Into the Woods Bugspray
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