Farmacopia Welcomes You!

Author: Lily Mazzarella
What do you do at Farmacopia?

It’s a question we get a lot.

We listen.

We hear your story and it might sound something like this:  I’m incredibly frustrated because (fill in the blank): I have no energy, my stress levels are off the charts, my hormones are all over the map, I blow up like a balloon no matter what I eat, I can’t sleep, I can’t remember the last time I wanted to have sex, and wow, on top of it, I’ve had this cold for 3 weeks.

Or maybe your doctor sent you in because you asked for an alternative to the medication she’s prescribing.  Maybe you feel terrible and the doctor keeps telling you nothing’s wrong.  Maybe you just want to know if you’re taking the right supplements, or how you can optimize your health.  Or maybe your kid is sick for the 7th time this year.

Here’s where we come in:  We help you to find a starting point. We recommend some of our superb supplements and really effective dietary tweaks, or we have you talk to our on-staff herbalist for a custom-blended herbal tincture (our most popular offering!).  If your issues are more complex, we might direct you to a private consultation with one of our practitioners, an acupuncturist or body worker.  Less complicated:  we send you off with remedies on the spot.  A note for those who don’t live in Sonoma County: we ship our products country-wide, 5 days a week, and consultations are available by Skype and phone.

A little bit more about us:  We’re warm, knowledgeable, and non-dogmatic.  We’ve been here for 14 years but manage to stay on the cutting edge.  We’ve been voted Best Herbal Clinic in the Bohemian 2 years running, and last year, our Clinical Herbalist/Nutritionist Lily Mazzarella was voted Best Holistic Practitioner.

In short, we help you feel good.

And now we’re back online! We’re launching today to show our love and appreciation for all of our customers, present and future.

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