Farmacopia Frankincense + Rose Body Oil

Author: Lily Mazzarella
Do you have a daily ritual that brings you pleasure and centers you?

I don't know about you, but for me 2019 is taking off like a freight train-747-stampede of wild horses. In order to house this movement in my nervous system and stay grounded, I have my routines that are non-negotiable: prioritizing sleep, taking my herbs and nutrients, doing brain training, eating the food that fuels me best, and exercising as much as possible.

But by far the most pleasurable non-negotiable is my daily water and oil ritual, which can be simple or elaborate, and always involves Frankincense + Rose Body Oil.
Originally formulated as part of the Winter Gut and Stress Cleanse (but now with a life of its own) Serenity has gotten me through tough times. Its scent--there is no other way to put it--is divine: deep resinous notes of Frankincense with a luxurious roll of rose along the top. A touch of tangerine peel is there to uplift, rose geranium to balance and soothe, and hint of cypress to instill strength during uncertain times. The rich carrier oils--organic jojoba, safflower, grape seed and avocado--nourish all skin types and combat both winter and summer dryness.

After bathing, while the skin is warm and damp, and steam still surrounds you, lovingly massage this oil everywhere. The scent of the oil will cut through whatever stress or monkey mind is looping, and directly engage your pleasure centers. In the beginning of the day after a shower, frankincense will help you access your inner strength and focus; at the end of the day after an epsom salt bath it will calm and re-center you. As with any scent we wear, Serenity's aroma changes as the oils are warmed and volatilized by your body heat. Each oil interacts differently with our unique scent chemistries.

I could go on about this oil....

  • Frankincense has potent anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties, making it an ideal oil for stressed skin. 
  • Geranium is traditionally used for anxiety and depression, and has balancing effects on skin and hormones. 
  • Rose balances heart energy and is a specific for sensitive, inflamed skin. 
  • The oil overall helps with grief, seasonal mood issues and loss of focus/meaning.
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