Celebrate Small Businesses!


Author: Lily Mazzarella
We are celebrating Small Business Month and so should you! As a small business we understand the dedication and courage it takes to open your doors that very first time. Like us, many small businesses began with just an idea – usually stemming from a deep desire to share a passion or an uncontainable concern to make something better. 

For us, that quest was to provide better health-care. We recognized a void in our current healthcare system and strongly believed in the powers of alternative therapies in the path to wellness. We wanted to become a source for wellness options outside of what was being offered through our mainstream healthcare system. And we wanted to be a welcoming place for our community to turn to for trusted, carefully-vetted and hard to obtain quality herbs and supplements.

14 years later we’re doing just that. We love what we do and are rewarded every day in your smile or teary-eyed sigh the moment we’ve brought relief back into your life.

Small businesses (like us) depend on dedicated customers to keep us going day after day.

We are proud and profoundly grateful to be dedicating our lives to cultivating wellness. Please help us ensure that we’ll always be here for you.

Show your support for us, and others like us, this month. Here are three easy ways to extend your support that won’t cost you a dime:

Review us on YELP! These days many folks find themselves consulting search engines and review sites to help determine everyday decisions from where to eat, to where to shop or who to trust. You can help them and us by spreading the word and sharing your experience. To share your Farmacopia experience on YELP! click here. This one action right now can help us in the future for many moons to come.

Like us on Facebook – We work hard to not only provide great care and service but to also be a resource for trusted information. “Like” us on our Facebook page to gain access to great articles and healthy recipes that you can enjoy and “like” yourself or share with friends! Use it as a portal to communicate with us and let us know you like what we’re doing.

Chat it up! Many small business don’t have the budget or resources to launch huge advertising or marketing campaigns. To keep our doors open day in and day out we depend on our loyal customers. A BIG thank you for that! But in order to grow and provide you with even more resources, even better service and even more jobs for the community we also depend on new faces and friends walking through those doors. This month, share your secret gem with others and chat it up about your favorite places or favorite practitioners. A word from you goes a LONG way!

Lily & the Farmacopia team

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