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Skin Care As Self-Care

Skin Care As Self-Care

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Pre-Recorded Class

Skin Care is self-care. Taking care of your skin is about so much more than beauty... it's an offering to your body, to your well-being, and to yourself. This class is available with or without materials. After you purchase the class you will receive a confirmation email that has the link and password to the recorded class. If you chose to purchase the class with materials, we will send a box of materials to you either in the mail or you can choose local pick up.

In this pre-recorded class, you will be learning the following basics: 

  • How your skin works
  • Lifestyle factors that affect your skin
  • How to "feed" your skin, just as we do our bodies
  • Herbs to incorporate into your skin care routine
  • How to make your very own skin serum, tailored to you!

You will make an herbal infused oil serum in this class. Infused oils are incredibly versatile and the base for many products such as skin serums, salves, and creams. Ahead of class, you can look forward to a sweet little package of ingredients for this tutorial, along with an illustrated booklet herbal skin care facts from the class and the recipe/instructions for the infused oil. You can refer to this information as you continue your skin-care/self-care journey!

This virtual class will help you better understand and care for your skin. In this class, you will experience the joy of herbal oil infusion and creating a skin care ritual that will open your eyes to the amazing herbal allies all around us. Ethically harvesting flowers and herbs to make your own skin care will be a practice you will build on throughout your life.


Isabella Ayala De Credico is the Medicine Maker for the California School of Herbal Studies, a Community Herbalist at Farmacopia, and the Co-Creator of North Bay Solidaritea. She also is in the process of starting her own business, Dusk to Dawn Botanicals, a small-batch seasonal product line of energetic and botanical remedies. Her inspiration comes from observing and communing with nature. She is passionate about creating accessibility within herbal medicine. And she is a forever student of both the magical and scientific world of herbs.

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Customer Reviews

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Vivian Fujii
Great Class on skincare for all ages

I took a recorded version of Isabella’s class and it was very informative and interesting. You can tell she’s passionate about what she does and she enjoys sharing what she has learned to help all of us. I definitely would take a future class about skincare and oils to expand my understanding of this important topic.

Jamie Williamson
Informative, Empowering, Well Presented

Isabella’s workshop brought a lot of herbal wisdom that helped me navigate how to care and feed my skin from a bottom up approach, which I appreciate. Isabella did a wonderful job of bridging scientific, energetic and herbal wisdom into digestible and concrete presentation, all while making it hands on by bringing in the fun DYI face oil. I found this aspect of the class so empowering and I'm so glad to have received clarity on which oils to choose for my skin, how and why. Also the knowledge about the herbs and their different properties and personalities (so fun), will be useful in my future formulations. I hope there will be another class that will go further into formulations and I think it would be fun to have a seasonal workshop, a lunar cycle before each equinox/solstice, so that we have a new skincare item/formulation to carry us through the next season. Just a thought! Thanks Farmacopia.