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Self-Heal Creme

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Heart of the Earth — The Self-Heal Creme is based on the remarkable properties of the Self-Heal herb (Prunella vulgaris) . Prunella has been used for centuries as an external application for skin care, as well as an internal tonic in convalescence. The healing properties of this plant are so universal, that it was called “Self-Heal” or “Heal-All” by medieval herbalists. In early American herbals, it was named “Heart of the Earth.”

            Self-Heal flower essence
            Self-Heal whole plant tincture
            Organic Chamomile and Calendula extracts in Organic oil
            Organic Aloe Vera gel
            Aloe Vera flower essence
            Organic Olive oil
            Organic Jojoba oil
            Organic Avocado oil
            Organic Shea butter
            Organic aromatherapy essential oils of Orange, Lavender, Ylang Ylang, Geranium, and Jasmine
            Organic Vegetable glycerin
            Cetyl alcohol
            Glyceryl stearate
            Xanthan gum
            Potassium sorbate

            *Organic ingredients certified to NSF/ANSI 305 standards by Oregon Tilth, Inc. USA.

              Used as a moisturizer and soothing skin creme, or as a base for topical application of flower essences and essential oils, Self-Heal™ Creme has a loyal following around the world.

              • Highly beneficial for general skin care: nourishing and anti-inflammatory
              • Excellent moisturizer for facial rejuvenation, after-shave skin care, etc.
              • Outstanding first-aid creme; soothes and heals burns, bug bites and abrasions
              • Balancing for seasonal skin disorders — such as dry skin and chapped hands in the winter — or rashes and other “hot” inflammatory conditions in the summer
              • Can be applied to wounds or post-surgical incisions to speed healing (but not recommended for open or suppurating wounds)
              • Light and non-oily in application; can be used for problem skin, infants, or elderly to restore and renew
              • An outstanding energetic transmitter for topical healing combined with vibrational remedies and healing touch, reiki, acu-pressure, etc

              2 oz

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