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Seagrape Essential Oil Roll-On Perfume

Seagrape Bath and Body

These perfumes are packaged in clear glass roll-on bottles with herbs and botanicals inside to continually infuse the perfume oil with the healing qualities of the herbs. 

The base oil is silky smooth grapeseed oil that is quickly absorbed into the skin, without leaving an oily residue.

Devi: An enchanting blend reminiscent of a walk through a fragrant garden filled with orange blossoms, lavender flowers, and sage. There is timelessness in the delicate blend that evokes images of lounging luxuriously on a warm spring day.

Aromatherapy qualities: Relieves depression, centering, aphrodisiac

    Eros: This blend evokes images of sun-warmed wood and the serene surroundings of the forest.

    Aromatherapy qualities: centering, calming

    Meditate: An earthy blend reminiscent of digging your hands into the earth and planting a bouquet to fragrant lavender. Well balanced and centering, this fragrance layers earth and florals perfectly.

    Aromatherapy qualities: centering, relaxing, aphrodisiac

    LaurusThis is a lovely combination of bergamot, orange, and coriander essential oils that work together to calm your nerves and increase focus and confidence. Great for exams, job interviews or for any occasion when a little boost is desired.

    Aromatherapy qualities: balancing, calming, focus 

    Palo Santo CedarwoodMeditative Palo Santo is blended with Cedar, Lavender, green Pine and coffee to create a smooth and layered perfume. Protective, green and beautifully rich.

    Aromatherapy qualities: meditative, cleansing, centering 

    RelaxA tranquil break on a fast-paced Monday morning. This gentle blend will calm the mind and body creating a feeling of a peace reminiscent of an afternoon walk through an orchard.

    Aromatherapy qualities: calming, relaxing, relieves anxiety, aids in sleep 

      Devi: grapeseed oil, organic herbs, essential oil blend and love

      Eros: grapeseed oil, organic herbs, essential oil blend and love

      Meditate: grapeseed oil, organic herbs, essential oil blend and love

      Laurus: grapeseed oil, essential oils bergamot, coriander, and orange, coriander seeds and love

      Palo Santo Cedarwood: grapeseed oil, organic herbs, essential oil blend and love

      Relax: grapeseed oil, organic herbs, essential oil blend and love

      1/3oz clear glass roll-on bottles

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