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Palo Santo Skin Potion


A Collaboration between Monk Oil and Incausa.

Palo Santo Skin Potion was created to elevate both mind and spirit. They created this special potion in collaboration with their friends at Incausa, who are dedicated to sharing the ritual and devotional characteristics of Palo Santo through their unique, handcrafted incense. Incausa provides us with their pure, small batch Palo Santo essential oil from Peru.

This potion combines the cosmic cleansing and healing properties of Palo Santo with the calming, grounding qualities of organic Vetiver essential oil. Self Heal Flower Essence by FES activates the healer within. Each bottle contains a Smoky Quartz to dispel negativity while Organic Avocado Oil nourishes the skin.

*Organic Avocado oil, Small Batch Palo Santo Essential oil, Organic Vetiver Essential oil, Self Heal Flower Essence by FES(fesflowers.com) and Smoky Quartz Crystal.

Massage into skin

1 or 3.4 fl oz

Vendor: Incausa

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