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Elemental Essences

Opal Elements

Opal Elements is the passion of Julie Benefico, Farmacopia herbalist and modern witch.  Organic handmade potions and scents crafted with ritual & intention to promote potency and magick.  Luscious olfactory profiles to anoint, clarify, and set intentions in concert with moon, stars, and the five elements:  Ether, Earth, Fire, Water and Air.   

What Julie Benefico, herbalist, medicine maker, and modern witch believes:  "By gaining deeper relationships with the elements and plants, and working toward inner healing we can achieve cosmic consciousness.  It is then we are able to transform into our most radiant selves."

Ether: Ether also know as quintessence in Alchemy is the fifth element. This element is all of the elements in one and the in-between space. Ether brings us to our higher consciousness and this blend is formulated to bring us closer to the divine magick within and all around us. Spray this mist to call in alignment of your with spirit, communion with higher self, and to gain more insight into your true essence.

Earth: Earth is the grounding element that brings us into our body. Utilize this mist to bring more wisdom, stability, and transformation into your lives.

Fire: Fire is the element of putting thoughts into action and motivating us to follow our hearts. Spray this elemental mist to bring drive, motivation, passion, and courage into your life.

Water: Water is the element of emotional understanding & intuition. Utilize this elemental mist to bring imagination, love, and emotional connection into your life.

Air: Air is the element of mental clarity & and a fresh start. This mist helps to bring more originality, new beginnings, intellect, and communication into our lives.


Distilled water, organic essential oils of frankincense, rose, myrrh, and lavender, selenite gem essence, organic lavender hydrosol and pyrite crystals. 


Distilled water, organic patchouli essential oil, organic palo santo essential oil, damiana infused oil, pyrite gem essence, onyx crystals, and tiger’s eye gemstones.


Distilled water, organic frankincense essential oil, organic cedar essential oil, organic juniper berry essential oil, sandalwood oil, topaz gem essence, garnet & quartz crystals.


Distilled water, jasmine infused oil, organic cucumber essential oil, organic rose hydrosol, abalone shell essence, jasmine flower essence, rose quartz crystals.


Distilled water, organic pine essential oil, organic bergamot essential oil, organic fir balsam essential oil, quartz gem essence, peridot crystals, amethyst crystals and yarrow flower essence.

Spray onto face or body, in a room, or wherever desired.

 2 fl. oz glass spray bottle

Vendor: Opal Elements

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