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Menstrual Calendar Journal


Get to know yourself and your body with this interactive Menstrual Calendar (based on Fertility Awareness Methods)! Learn how to use the strengths of each phase of your cycle--menstruation, ovulation, etc. -- to your advantage. Track your cycle, change your life!

This 12" x 12" UNDATED Menstrual Calendar Journal includes:

  • Four customizable pages for each month— a calendar to track your cycle, lined paper to write your new moon wishes or monthly intentions, graph paper to track your basal body temperature, and blank paper for your creativity
  • Herbal remedies for a healthy cycle
  • Information regarding the physiology, hormones, and strengths associated with each of the four menstrual phases—menstruation, pre-ovulation, ovulation, and pre-menstruation
  • Dietary and herbal information to support you in each menstrual phase
  • A cycle dial to give you a snapshot of where you’ll be in your cycle throughout the month
  • Bonus Insert - 2020 and 2021 Lunar Calendar Poster
  • Written and illustrated examples of how to use this resource


  • You aren't on hormonal birth control (hormonal contraceptives interrupt the natural hormonal changes in the body so this resource will not be applicable)
  • You want to gain awareness around your cycle and fertility
  • You want to track your body's fertility signs so you can either avoid or achieve pregnancy. *Additional recommended readings and resources are provided in the "further resources" section of this calendar*

Created in California. Printed in the USA. A collaboration between clinical herbalist Veronica Ricksen and artist Anna Friedland

12" x 12" undated

Vendor: Kapu

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