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Manifestations Candle

Sunbeam Candles

Immunity: The aroma is a delightful blend, offering nearly every benefit you could want from aromatherapy. The Cinnamon and Clove are sweet and spicy, the Lemon is cheerful and bright, the Eucalyptus is cooling and clarifying, and the Rosemary is deeply herbaceous, almost pine-like. Together, they kill microbes in the air and help create an invisible shield around you.

Elemental Energetics: Balanced. It has warm, cool, sweet, spicy, nourishing, relaxing, stimulating and cleansing qualities. Appropriate for morning or evening, for any mood.

Transformation: is a  buoyant, bright blend of essential oils and provides excellent support for major life changes. Bergamot, Peppermint, and Lavender lift the mind, opening it to the possibility of joy and self-love. Peppermint is a motivator, improving focus and stamina, while Bergamot, a floral citrus, transforms heavy, negative emotions. Lavender, the great mother of aromatherapy, provides nourishing support, moderating all that energy so you have the endurance to see it through, whatever “it” is for you.

Elemental Energetics: Overall, this blend is very kinetic, promoting movement, so inherently it reduces kapha, moving heavy, cold congestion. The bergamot and lavender warm the cooling peppermint, and the result is quite balanced, with a slight preference toward heat & air, which is exactly what you need when when manifesting transformation.

Healing: This proprietary blend of Lime, Grapefruit, and Rosemary oils support processing the past, being awake in the present, and having the clarity to prepare for the future. These essential oils address the intersection of the mind and body, where heavy hearts, exhausted adrenals, and foggy brains can drag us down. The Rosemary is key for looking ahead with a sharp mind, while the Lime and Grapefruit oils sand down the edges of pains past. This blend strengthens by promoting immunity, deep rest, and a bright momentum for the day.

Elemental Energetics: These oils together are light and warm, addressing many facets of the mind and heart. It has a gentle aroma that promotes serenity and grace. 

Meditation: There are few oils as mighty as the regal lavender, and when combined with the spirited, heady aroma of sage, you have a unique aromatherapy blend that is both calming and stimulating. Sage oil has long been valued for the clarity that it facilitates. While also nourishing to the nervous system like its botanical cousin lavender, sage is a bit more kinetic and can dig deeper into the psyche, creating a path to the gunk that keeps us down, and moving it up and out. Sage bolsters confidence and settles anxiety, while lavender is there to assist with empathy and love. Together, Lavender and Sage help you to cultivate awareness, through which you can work to unburden yourself, and those around you, from the things that cause suffering.

Energetics: This blend is almost neutral, but with a slight heating yang element that shines as the catalyst for movement. Overall excellent for nervous, cold vata & stagnant kapha, yet still positive for burnt-out or suppressed pitta. And if you are lucky enough to have a perfectly balanced mind & body, these oils are simply a delight to breathe in, and can help you keep that poise.

Birthday: This aromatherapy blend is formulated to celebrate life. The Orange and Grapefruit oils combine for a scent that is uplifting, energizing, and encourages confidence and joyfulness. Like a warm hug in aromatherapy form, Cedarwood helps to calm anger and lift sadness. When blended, they all contribute to cleaner air and easier breathing (by way of clearing congestion), which energetically ties into being free to experience happiness and joy. Who wouldn’t want to feel this way when marking another year lived? You just might be focused, motivated, ebullient, and most of all, loved and appreciated. Celebrate yourself and those you love! Inhale love, exhale joy.

Elemental Energetics: This blend is warming and drying (yang, pitta+, kapha-) and yet calms hot emotions, so it has a harmonizing effect too. It helps to clear stagnant emotions, which negatively impact all systems, so it is quite rejuvenating as well.

Gratitude: Elevating mind and spirit. Share your gratitude with the ones you love. The label artwork depicts a woman in the Yoga Anjali Mudra (a mudra of gratitude) pose.

100% pure beeswax and an unbleached, lead-free cotton wick, and essential oils.

Immunity: Essential oils of Cinnamon, Clove, Eucalyptus, Lemon, Rosemary.  Color: Dark Red

Transformation: Essential oils of Bergamot, Peppermint, & Lavender. Color: Turquoise

Healing: Essential oils of Lime, Grapefruit and Rosemary. Color: Hunter Green

Meditation: essential oils of Lavender & Sage. Lead-free cotton wick. Color: Saffron

Birthday: Essential oils of Orange, Grapefruit, & Cedar wood. Color: Red Orange

Gratitude: Essential oils of Frankincense, Bergamot, and OrangeColor: Burgundy

Burn time: 80 hours

  • Always remove all paper labels.
  • Always trim wick to ¼” before lighting.
  • Burn for at least 3 hours each burn to prevent tunneling. If tunneling begins, extinguish flame, and use fingers to mold warm wax walls towards the wick. This will allow for optimal use of the wax and will raise wax level to help lessen an over-sized flame.
  • To prevent excessive smoke and wick charring, extinguish wick by using a tool to dunk the wick in the wax pool and return the wick to an upright position.
  • Always burn on a level surface and NEVER leave unattended.

3"diameter x 4.25"

Vendor: Sunbeam Candles

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