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Making Medicinal Syrups


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Learn to make your own medicinal syrups! Herbalist Jessica Clark teaches an informative class on how to make medicinal herbal syrups for lasting wellness. 

You will learn: 

  • The best methods & materials to use for creating effective, delicious syrups for home use
  • Types of sweeteners used in making syrups
  • Some favorites herbs for syrups & their uses for immunity, respiratory & nervous system support
  • Optional preservatives & their qualities 
  • To make a syrup using elderberry, astragalus & cinnamon for wellness
  • Additional recipes will be provided, as well as discussion around herb selection, combinations of herbs, troubleshooting & more

This virtual class will have you will make a syrup using elderberry, astragalus & cinnamon for wellness. You can look forward to a sweet little package of ingredients for this tutorial, along with an illustrated booklet of herbal syrup making facts from the class and the recipe/instructions for the wellness syrup. You can refer to this information as you continue your medicinal syrup making journey!

Purchase your own preferred sweetener. Choose from the following:

  • Honey - Raw honey is the preference of many herbalists. It contains enzymes, pollen residues (anti-allergy), and is a natural preservative. It is warming, calming and moistening, as well as soothing to GI and respiratory tree.
  • Sugar – Warm and moist, raw cane sugar (like rapadura or sucanaut) is preferred to its refined step-sibling.  It is outstanding as a preservative. Refined (organic is best) can also be used in a pinch, especially if you don't consume a lot of sugars in your diet.
  • Molasses – Mineral-rich sweetener, this substance is the concentrated minerals removed when processing cane sugar. Great for a nutritive syrup and a vegetarian diet supportive, as it is high in B-Vitamins, etc. Shorter shelf-life as a syrup.
  • Maple Syrup – Also contains minerals, and may be local to some areas of the north. Beloved “healthy” sweetener which offers a more nutritive sweet than some others.


Jessica Elise Clark is a clinical herbalist, medicine maker, gardener and beekeeper with a passion for connecting people to plants. She has been working with plants since childhood, fascinated by their diversity and inspired by their wisdom. Several years living off the grid, farming, and honing her herbal craft in a natural setting allowed her to connect deeply with nature. This connection to the Earth drives her work and her practice of helping to educate people about herbs, nutrition and healthy lifestyle.

Jessica studied holistic herbalism for 2 years at the California School of Herbal Studies in Forestville, CA, and previously for a year as an apprentice in Donna D’terra's Yerba Women Herbal Apprenticeship in Willits, CA. She was also part of a Clinical Case Study Group where she focused on developing her skills as a clinical herbalist. This group grew into in a free herbal clinic, who she volunteers with, Bay Herbalism Collective. They provide access to herbalism to under-served populations. At Farmacopia, she works as a Supplements Buyer, and practices clinically within the Low Cost Clinic, which offers sliding-scale herbal consultations with clinical practitioners.

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